We, at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, commit ourselves to be compassionate, world-class and God-centered in upholding the highest quality of life and equity in health for our people.

As a Lasallian institute which manifests reverence for life, we exercise visionary leadership and espouse excellence in education, health care and research.

Imbued with the spirit of faith as exemplified by our patron St. John Baptist de La Salle, we inspire our community members to be patriotic, person-centered, God-loving health professionals.

We are Lasallians steadfast in our zeal for service as we nurture life-long learning, quality holistic healing, and ethical inquiry.

We are in communion in mission with Lasallians worldwide and in synergy with local and international partners in catalyzing the spiritual, social and economic transformation of our community and country.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts. Forever.