One with the vision of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) in achieving the highest quality of life and equity in health for the people, the Alumni Services and Continuing Professional Education Office envisions to serve its graduates and Alumni-in-residence in meeting the local and global demands to fulfill their requirements for service.



The Alumni Services and Continuing Professional Education Office (ASCPEO) is the DLSHSI’s key unit in delivering the following services:

  1. Assists the Alumni in job placement opportunities and serves as the official liaison between the institution, employers, students and alumni
  2. Coordinates with the Alumni Association of each program / college in DLSHSI on programs and projects promoting the welfare of the alumni and the community it serves
  3. Provides services and assistance to Alumni to facilitate credentialing and related employment requirements locally and internationally in coordination with the other key offices in DLSHSI
  4. Facilitates provision of pre-employment services and career opportunities to Alumni and Alumni-in-residence through labor market information
  5. Keeps and updates the registry of DLSHSI Alumni through its Alumni portal
  6. Promotes services to ensure the welfare of Alumni and Alumni-in-residence
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