DLSMHSI College of Medicine tops the Physician Licensure Examination

December 5, 2018 | 1:19 pm

DLSMHSI College of Medicine bagged the top spots in the September 2018 Physician Licensure Examination. Dr. Kurl E. Jamora is Top 1, Dr. Lloyd Christopher S. Lim is Top 5 and Dr. Dr. Zoe Caitlin Z. Fernandez is Top 9. DLSMHSI posted a passing rate of 87.84% for first-time takers and 82.01% over-all higher than the National Passing Rate of 81.83%

Hats off to the new Lasallian doctors and to the administrators, faculty members and Non-Teaching Personnel of the College of Medicine for continuing the tradition of Lasallian Academic Excellence.

CHED visits DLSMHSI for Institutional Sustainability Assessment  

The Commission on Higher Education Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) Team visited De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute on November 20-22, 2018. The Team was composed of the members of the Quality Assurance Division of the Office of the Institutional Quality Assurance and Governance. The goal was to ensure the regularity of the implementation of the ISA process and procedures. The positive results of the visit shall open door of opportunities for DLSMHSI particularly in the following areas:

  • Application for University Status
  • Application for Autonomous Status
  • Application for Centers of Development and Excellence
  • Compliance in the ASEAN Integration

DLSMHSI is optimistic that the CHED ISA Team shall certify the Institute as evidenced by the documents created and maintained, the good governance practiced, the quality of teaching and learning espoused which includes the commendable performance in the licensure exams, the state-of-the-art facilities acquired, the nurturing environment experienced, and the strong faith and Lasallian values animated.