Lasallian physical and occupational therapists post commendable performance in recent licensure examinations

March 4, 2019 | 9:22 am

DLSMHSI graduates have once again brought honor and pride to the Institute by taking the top spots in the February 2019 Physical and Occupational Therapist Licensure Examinations and making DLSMHSI the 2nd Top Performing Occupational Therapy School and 4th Top Performing Physical Therapy School in the Philippines. It finished with an over-all performance of 84.38% for Physical Therapist Licensure Exam and 80.56% for Occupational Therapist Licensure Exam. DLSMHSI has also been blessed with five (5) Physical Therapy topnotchers and one (1) Occupational Therapy topnotcher as follows:

Physical Therapist Licensure Examination
Top 2 – Marlou Del Nera Tarranco, PTRP
Top 3 – Jeuz Jez Reel Velante Escanilla, PTRP
Top 5 – Kim Louijie Rabino Lacsao, PTRP
Top 7 – Myrel Andrea Faustino Ramos, PTRP
Top 10 – Marilei Larosa Martinez, PTRP

Occupational Therapist Licensure Examination
Top 10 – Wynona Arcartado, OTRP

Congratulations and thank you to the administrators, faculty members and non-teaching personnel of College of Rehabilitation Sciences and to the new Lasallian physical therapists and occupational therapists!

DLSMHSI College of Medicine hosts the 52nd APMC Annual Convention

Deans, administrators, faculty members and students of Philippine medical colleges converged at DLSMHSI on February 6-8, 2019 for the 52nd APMC Annual Convention with the theme Fostering Mental Health in Medical Education. The College of Medicine ably hosted the said event and welcomed the delegates with Lasallian professionalism, courtesy and hospitality. Pre-congress workshops held at the College of Medicine building focused on innovative topics in medical education such as simulation, outcomes-based assessment and case-based and team-based learning while the convention proper at DLS Animo Center provided a conducive venue to discuss the different aspects of mental health in education. It was also an opportunity to introduce DLSMHSI to medical educators and students and showcase its expertise, facilities and hospitality.

College of Medicine Dean Madeleine Grace M. Sosa, MD, FPPS, FPNA, FCNSP, MSCE has been elected as the Vice President of APMC during the said convention.

Congratulations to Dr. Sosa, faculty members, non-teaching personnel and students of the College of Medicine and to the administrators, managers and staff of the various departments who made the event a big success!

College of Pharmacy co-hosts the Philippine Pharmacy Summit 7

The College of Pharmacy co-hosted the Philippine Pharmacy Summit 7 with the theme Unbound x Unfazed: Unclasping the Stereotypical Chains and Head-on Tackling the Different Societal Issues Faced by a Filipino Pharmacist held on February 17, 2019 at DLS Animo Center. Invited speakers discussed the current topics in pharmacy practice such as pharmacovigilance on counterfeit drugs, drug abuse and the the role of the Filipino pharmacist at the center of these issues.

Hats off to the Dean, administrators, faculty members, non-teaching personnel and students of the College of Pharmacy for making the summit happen!  

Academics celebrates Lasallian Mission 2019

Academics joined the celebration of Lasallian Mission on February 12-17, 2019 by hosting a series of events and activities.

Smorgasbord: Contemporary Art for Different Tastes
February 6, 2019 (Exhibition Opening)
February 6-28, 2019 (Exhibition)
RPAMD Library

The exhibition features contemporary art expressed in different “tastes” – themes, colors and motifs – from the collections of Dr. Johannes Flores Dayrit and Mr. Emmanuel Garibay painted by select Filipino and international artists.


HeALS Alumni Assembly
February 12, 2019
DLS Animo Center

Alumni-scholars of Health Assembly of Lasallian Scholars (HeALS) of DLSMHSI Batch 2008-2018 gathered for a General Assembly with the theme Connected. Grounded. Grateful. The event was an opportunity to touch base with former classmates, batchmates, friends, professors, mentors and the DLSMHSI community, to foster stronger connections and ties with their alma mater and to be updated with the services and support provided by the Alumni Relations. Attendees were also given a chance to pay forward the generosity that they have received and extend help to fellow HeALS scholars because the proceeds of the registration fee shall go to the HeALS Trust Fund and the Alumni In-Residence Scholarship Grant Program.

ACAD Got Talent
February 13, 2019
DLS Animo Center

Administrators, faculty members, academic support personnel, non-teaching personnel and students of the Academics owned the stage of DLS Animo Center on February 13, 2019 by showcasing their talents and creativity. ACAD Got Talent is an annual event that aims to bring together members of the Academics to foster camaraderie and communion in a very exciting and enjoyable way. Categories included Solo Singing Competition (Male and Female), Duet Singing and Modern Dance. High five to the contestants, winners, the Academic Quality Management and the committee chairs and members!

ACAD Got Talent 2019 Winners
Solo Singing (Female)
Champion – Cheyen E. Molon, RRT, PhD (CMIT)
1st Place – Elizabeth D. De Los Santos (CHS)
2nd Place – Krystal T. Sevilla (SHSSHS)

Solo Singing  (Male)
Champion – Lord Joseas C. Conwi (SHSSHS)
1st Place – Ellnard J. Advincula, RRT (CMIT)
2nd Place – Romeo-Luis F. Ramirez, RPh (CP)

Duet with Twist
Champion – Marc Jeffrey P. Sioco (SHSSHS) and Patricia Pama (Himig Scientia)
1st Place – Ma. Elena Francesa A. Cudal, OTRP, CWAT (CRS) and John Denyl Torrijos (Himig Scientia)

Modern Dance
Champion – College of Pharmacy
1st Place – Special Health Sciences Senior High School
2nd Place – Non-Teaching Personnel


10th Scholars and Sponsors’ Night
February 14, 2019
DLS Animo Center

The event brought together the DLSMHSI scholars and their sponsors to enable the scholars to acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of their sponsors and for the sponsors to personally meet their scholars.


The Center for Innovative Education and Technology Integration hosted trainings on how to use Canvas and Blackboard to help prepare faculty members to make their classes blended. All sessions were held at the Health Informatics Laboratory, RPAMD Library. 

Canvas LMS Training
January 16, 2019: 9 attendees
January 17, 2019:  44 attendees
January 18, 2019: 11 attendees

Blackboard OpenLMS Training
February 12, 2019
Morning session: 22 attendees
Afternoon session: 18 attendees

DLSMHSI aims for CHED Deregulated/Autonomous Status

The Commission on Higher Education has recently issued CMO No. 46 series of 2012 “Policy–Standard to Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) in Philippine Higher Education through the Outcomes-based and Typology-Based QA” primarily to help higher education institutions (HEIs) develop a culture of quality. One of the initiatives being implemented by CHED is the vertical typology of HEIs which serves as basis for the granting of autonomous or deregulated status to qualified private HEIs. The long term goals of vertical typology are “to have the majority of HEIs implementing an established internal quality assurance system undergoing institutional assessment” and “to have a critical mass of autonomous and deregulated HEIs.”

To realize the objectives of the Academics to make DLSMHSI a “premium choice in health professions education” with a goal to become “institutionally accredited in 10 years and autonomous status achieved,” DLSMHSI has submitted the required forms and documents for the application of CHED Grant of Autonomous and Deregulated Status on February 15, 2019 through the Academic Quality Management (AQM).

Based on horizontal typology, DLSMHSI falls under the Professional Institution. Pieces of evidence of excellence should be consistent based on board performance, national passing rate, graduates who completed, employment of graduates, sustained linkages and working program.

On the other hand, DLSMHSI applied for the vertical typology (Deregulated/Autonomous grant), with criteria that include Commitment to Program Excellence, Institutional Sustainability and Enhancement and Evidence of Excellence Consistent with the Horizontal type. There are several indicators for each criterion which require scoring and providing documents as evidence, which AQM prepared and submitted.

Below are the timelines towards the granting of Deregulated/Autonomous Status:

  • February 16-28, 2019 –  Endorsement of application to OIQAG
  • March 2019 to April 2019 –  Evaluation of the applications and finalization of the status to be granted
  • May 2019 – Awarding of status during Higher Education Week
  • Next Evaluation Cycle – In 2020, HEIs granted deregulated status in 2019 shall automatically be evaluated using the same evaluation criteria for possible upgrade to autonomous status.