Christmas message of the VCA to the Academic Community

December 26, 2018 | 10:49 am

“Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.” – Margaret Thatcher

DLSMHSI, our home and our source of strength and inspiration, has been so good to us through the years. It has been providing us endless opportunities and possibilities. This Christmas Season, let us reflect on and be thankful for  all our blessings.

I personally thank all of you for sharing your gift of years with us and for your unquestionable service to the DLSMHSI community. May we all continue to be God’s instrument of love, hope and peace?

Together and by Association, let us all believe and claim that 2019 shall be our year again- a blessed and fruitful year for DLSMHSI and for all of us Lasallians whonurture life and value the Lasallian Healing Ministry the most.

Merry merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone!

Animo La Salle!

At your service,

Johnny O. Cabanias, LPT, MAE, PhD

DLSMHSI tops the Nursing Licensure Examination

The DLSMHSI College of Nursing showed a commendable performance in the November 2018 Licensure Examination. It posted a 95% passing rate for first-time takers and over-all performance, higher than the national passing rate of 38.98%. Ms. Rhemielene L. De Leon, RN ranked 5th with a score of 85.8%. Congratulations and thank you to the administrators, faculty members and Non-Teaching Personnel of the College of Nursing and to new Lasallian nurses!

Faculty and student achievements

College of Medicine

  • Dr. Madeleine Grace M. Sosa is one of the recipients of 13th EPIC Awards. The EPIC Award was conceptualized and started in 2006 to immortalize the pioneering contribution of the eight founders of  Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists, Inc. (PAMS). EPIC stands for E for Eight; P for Pioneering/Progressive/Productive; I for Individual and ; C for Chapter/Community/Corporation/Cooperative. The EPIC Award recognizes and acclaims those who uphold the goals and advocacies of PAMS by choosing and presenting the award to fellow doctors as well as non-medical personalities. Awardees are nominated by PAMS members, screened by the Awards Committee and finally approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Dr. Michael M. Lawenko received the Dean’s Award for Research/Scholarly Publication as the principal author of the article Self-gripping lightweight polyester mesh in open inguinal hernia repair in the Philippines: a long term followup study published in International Surgery Journal Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2018.
  • Dr. Victor L. Mendoza also received the Dean’s Award for Research/Scholarly Publication as co-author of the article Economic burden of hospitalisation for congestive heart failure among adults in the Philippines published in Heart Asia Volume 10 Issue 2 2018.

College of Humanities and Sciences

College of Medical Imaging and Therapy

  • Prof. Alvina E. Purificacion and Prof. Victoria C. Estira were elected as CPD Program Monitor of CPD Council of the Professional Regulatory of Board of Radiologic Technology, Professional Regulation Commission. The induction was held on November 29-December 2, 2018, PART Convention, Baguio City.

College of Nursing

  • The following faculty members were elected as Board of Directors of Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. Cavite Chapter during its annual assembly held on November, 23, 2018:
    • Prof. Leon L. Fojas – Vice President for Program and Development
    • Dr. Jeeno Jay C. Frani – Secretary
    • Prof. Julieta M. Damian – Auditor
  • Ms. Chloris Kyle F. Hernandez (BSN4), Mr. Polo G. Borres (BSN4) and Mr. Patrick Louis C. Marcoso (BSN3) participated in the 8thIntercollegiate Quiz – N held at Centro Escolar University on November 21, 2018. They placed 6th out of 23 participating schools and were accompanied by Dr. Jeeno Jay C. Frani and Prof. Nelia C. Del Mundo.

Special Health Sciences Senior High School

  • Grade 12 student Mar Anderson F. Princer won the silver medal award in Math Wiz (Individual Competition) and his group Team Philippines bagged the gold medal award in Mathmania (Team Activity Contest) during the 8thInternational Youth Mathematics Contest in Lucknow, India on December 1-7, 2018.

Academics NTP Perfect Attendance Awardees

Congratulations to the Non-Teaching Personnel Perfect Attendance Awardees (September to November) from Academics!

Algara, Aida V.
Apego, Glenn D.
Austria, Jeffrey O.
Bathan, Anabel G.
Bathan, Wilson A.
Billoso, Renato
Brito, Leslie V.
Campaña, PJ F.
Ceniza, Chrystal Hope B.
Cortez, Antonio D.
Cruz, Owen
De Los Santos, Elizabeth D.
Dizon, Romnick
Enetorio, Roberto F.
Fototana, Angela Irene C.
Gabiana, Kennith
Galang, Maria Venus V.
Gallardo, Miriam A.
Gapal, Wendy A.
Gongona, Sandy B.
Gorospe, Sir John Jose
Gumaru, Beverly S.
Hayag, Sofia T.
Ilagan, Emanuel Mat Cholo M.
Lovendino, Angele G.
Ludovice, Heidi V.
Madrid, Kristine B.
Maliksi, Irene B.
Medina, Wilma M.
Mendoza, Reymond M.
Morales, Roy O.
Neri, Veh-Jay S.
Ola, Arlene F.
Patinga, Brian Mel T.
Pedraza, Edison T.
Petil, Arlyn l.
Racoma, Neil Christian
Ramos, Haidee N.
Rodriguez, Honey Charmaine M.
Saballegue, Mary Jane P.
Sabillon, Mark Lester M.
Saliba, Armie Dianne T.
Samonte, Shangrilo N.
Saputil, Nerish Dianne I.
Shimizu, Maria Shirae C.
Tabajunda, Diana Liz M.
Tizon, Jay Pee M.
Velasco, Joshiko L.
Villagomez, Cherry Ann D.
Villamor, Joanne A.
Viñegas, Marian L.
Vocal, Imelda S.
Zaragoza, Sarah Mae B.