The College of Medical Laboratory Science of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute offers Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) which is a four year program that provides the student foundations in the fundamentals of medical laboratory science, scientific concepts and principles of the different laboratory analyses and determinations to develop skills in critically analyzing laboratory processes. It trains students to be globally competent and knowledgeable in the performance of laboratory test procedures and analyses which aids in the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of health.  The program also provides a profound training and updates on various laboratory screening and examinations, scientific research, instrumentations, and community related activities. The students are developed to become well-rounded medical laboratory scientist exemplifying the holistic Lasallian Values:  Spirit of Faith, Zeal for service, Communion in Mission, and Reverence for life.  BS Medical Laboratory Science is consists of general education subjects for the first two years and professional subjects like Microbiology, Clinical Microscopy, Parasitology, Hematology, Serology and Immunology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), and Histopathology during the third year level.  A hospital internship program for one year in an accredited training laboratory will be offered during the fourth year level. The College is gearing towards an Outcome-Based Education to be integrated in the curriculum to facilitate learning experiences and abilities of the future medical laboratory scientists.

A well ventilated, air-conditioned classroom and a Simulated Laboratory is provided for the students to facilitate classroom discussions, presentations, and laboratory analyses demonstration.

DLSHSI College of Medical Laboratory Science….the home of competitive and holistic future medical laboratory scientists!  Be part of our growing family!