For the new curriculum and old curriculum, To be retained and promoted, a student failed in three minor subject and any of M101 and M11, the student will be automatically dropped from the college. However if the student failed in 1 or 2 minor subject only, the student is just required to retake and pass the subject/s.

Level I

    1. To qualify for promotion to 2nd Semester Level I. The student should:
      1. Pass M100 (Foundations of Midwifery Practice)
      2. Pass all minor subjects
      3. Undergo Hepatitis B screening test and receive at least two doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
    2. To qualify for promotion to 1st Semester Level II. The student should:
      1. Pass M101 (Midwifery Practices) and M111 (Human Anatomy and Physiology)
      2. Pass all minor subjects.
      3. Receive the 3rd dose of Hepatitis B vaccine.
    3. To qualify for graduation. The student should:
      1. Pass all academic course offerings during the semester
      2. Complete all academic and clinical deficiencies and other requirements as stipulated in the Institutional Handbook.