Facilities and services

Facilities and services


HPLC/FTIR Laboratory

The College of Pharmacy is equipped with state of the art equipment and laboratory that will enhance capacity building of our Pharmacy graduates.

At the moment, DLSMHSI is the only Pharmacy school that provides formal FTIR training to its students. The College has faculty members with expertise in the interpretation of IR spectra. This is also one of the services that the College offers.

Our students will be trained in the quality control of pharmaceuticals and they will be experts in handling High Performance Liquid Chromatography as an analytical tool. We also accept HPLC analysis of pharmaceuticals from local drug manufacturers needing assistance for their QC procedures.

Students and faculty in-charge at work with the HPLC (Perkin Elmer Flexar HPLC)

The Shimadzu IR-Affinity IS  (Fourier Transform Infra Red)

Instrument Laboratory

Most of our equipment are situated in this laboratory. Most are used for quality control analysis.  These include dissolution tester, disintegration tester, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, centrifuge, refractometer, pH meters, tensiometer, viscometer, polarimeter and others.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

An instructional laboratory for pharmaceutical chemistry and medicinal chemistry subjects. This laboratory is equipped with a fume hood, furnace, rotavap, Kjehldahl apparatus, Soxhlett extractors, Clevenger apparatus,  waterbaths, centrifuge, ovens and hot plates among others. It has a shower and eyewash area for minor emergency.

Pharmaceutical Biological Sciences Laboratory

An instructional laboratory for biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, toxicology and other pharmaceutical biological sciences. The laboratory is subdivided into 3 areas; an outer room for general laboratory work, an inner room that houses the Nikon microscopes and specialized slide collections and a second inner room, the preparation room that will soon house the stock of microorganisms. The laboratory is equipped with 50 Nikon microscopes, a kymograph with endoctorium, a plantar apparatus, a plethysmometer, autoclaves and others. It will also feature a biological safety cabinet by the year 2017.

Compounding and Manufacturing Laboratory

A simulated compounding and manufacturing laboratory for the preparation of dosage forms like tablets, capsules, suppositories, injectables, lotions, suspensions, solutions and gels among others. Cosmetic products like bacterial gels, shampoos, lipsticks and others will also be prepared in this laboratory. Here the students will be required to don special laboratory jackets, caps and masks to ensure product safety and quality. They will learn about cGMP,  Current Good Manufacturing Practice, which is a must for all drug manufacturing laboratories