General Job Descriptions/Functions/Responsibilities:

1. Reports to the Director for General Education.

2. Supervises the faculty members under his/her cluster.

3. Acts as the Officer-in-Charge of the department in the absence of the Director.

4. Monitors the curriculum under his/her cluster and ensures proper use of instructional design for every subject area.

5. Ensures correct implementation of class schedules.

6. Monitors faculty attendance and evaluates teaching performances.

7. Checks grades of students submitted by faculty members under his/her cluster before forwarding them to the Director for General Education, College Deans and University Registrar.

8. Facilitates requests for instructional materials and other items relative to academic undertakings.

9. Attends to the academic and related concerns of the students involving the parents/guardians and other inquiries of the undergraduate colleges.

10. Recommends faculty substitution and make-up class applications to the Director in coordination with the Technical and Communication Development committee of the department.

11. Facilitates the crediting of GED subjects applied by a transferee.

12. Assists the Director and the members of the departmental APEB regarding the hiring, re-hiring, promotion, reclassification, and termination of faculty under his/her cluster.

13. Prepares, consolidates and files all reports pertaining to the operations of his/her cluster and submits the aforementioned documents to the Director.

14. Performs any other related tasks that may be assigned by the Director.