1. Job Purpose:

Ensures the effective and efficient operations of the department.


2. Relationships:


2.1 Appointed by the: President


2.2 Reports to the: Vice Chancellor for Academics and Undergraduate Deans


2.3 Supervises the: Coordinator, Integrated Humanities Cluster

Coordinator, Integrated Arts Cluster

Coordinator, Integrated Sciences Cluster


2.4 Chairs the: GED Council



2.5 Is a member of the: Academic Council

Multisectoral Committee

Admissions Committee

Scholarship Committee

Library Committee

Enrollment Committee


3. Duties and Responsibilities:


3.1 Ensures the effective and efficient operation of the office by selecting, orienting, training, forming, and evaluating office personnel.


3.2 Maintains a secure and conducive working environment.


3.3 Ensures the continuing professional and personal development of the office staff.


3.4 Networks with other DLSHSI offices and units on matters relating to her/his office.


3.5 Prepares the office budget and ensures its effective and efficient use.


3.6 Aligns the purposes, objectives, plans, and programs of the department with the institutional vision and mission and values.


3.7 Ensures the proper and effective implementation of departmental, divisional and institutional policies, guidelines and procedures.


3.8 Complies with the latest policies, standards and guidelines on general education courses as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education;


3.9 Reviews and updates regularly the course syllabi in consultation with the undergraduate deans.


3.10 Ensures that the department maintains an adequate and updated collection of teaching-learning materials, books, journals, equipment, and related supplies.


3.11 Represents the department in professional organizations, meetings, seminars, workshops, conventions, and community extension services.


3.12 Ensures continuing faculty development by designing, implementing and evaluating faculty development programs.


3.13 Monitors and evaluates all projects initiated by the office to ensure that the objectives of the projects are met;


3.14 Prepares periodic accomplishment reports; and


3.15 Performs other related duties which may be assigned to her/him from time to time by the Vice Chancellor for Academics.