General Job Descriptions/Functions/Responsibilities:


1. Teaching

A primary activity in the Institution is understood to mean the act of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and skills with confidence and direction, geared towards the development of the analytical and creative faculties of students. Furthermore, the function of teaching includes specific tasks such as student consultation, academic advising, supervision of students in the clinical areas (both community and hospital) and all other interventions that facilitate the process of learning.


2. Research

A faculty member is encouraged to engage in research to update himself/herself and to explore other areas of inquiries. These may include basic and applied research, published articles, monographs or books, seminar papers, feasibility studies, creative works, and other research outputs related to professional activities.



3. Institutional and Community Services

A faculty member should also be involved in related services such as serving as student organizations adviser, academic adviser, editor of journals and other publications, participating in collegiate/institutional student councils and committees and volunteering in the institution’s outreach programs or those of his/her community.


4. Professional Growth and Development

A faculty member is expected to continuously develop professionally and personally. The institution provides support for graduate studies and participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs. However, these activities should not interfere with the faculty members’ academic responsibilities.

Note: The above-mentioned job descriptions/functions/responsibilities have been lifted from the Faculty Manual.