General Job Descriptions/Functions/Responsibilities:

  1. Reports to the Director for General Education.
  2. Facilitates and assists the Director in all concerns, functions and schedules relative to general education, collegiate and institutional matters.
  3. Accommodates all queries and concerns pertaining to General Education subjects, including crediting of subjects.
  4. Prepares the faculty plantilla in coordination with the Cluster Coordinators.
  5. Facilitates and monitors incoming and outgoing communication of the office.
  6. Schedules appointments of internal external clients/visitors of the Director.
  7. Processes all requisitions and payments of the department.
  8. Coordinates with the secretaries of the undergraduate colleges which involve the department are properly communicated and coordinated.
  9. Assists in the clerical functions of both NSTP and Scholarship offices.
  10. Prepares all minutes of meetings of the office.
  11. Communicates and disseminates promptly and regularly all information which concern all faculty members and staff in the department.
  12. Files, organizes and monitors all documents of the office.
  13. Performs any other related tasks that may be assigned by the Director.