Center for Biopharmaceutical Research

The center performs bioavailability/bioequivalence studies to ensure that only quality medicinal products will be offered to the Filipino people.

Not all drugs are created equal; at least not before Bioequivalence testing is performed. Bioequivalence testing is sort of like a check-and-balance activity, comparing generic copies to the innovator drug. This is a fundamental step in drug development – given that the Food and Drugs Administration currently does not have the time and resources needed to conduct their own bioequivalence testing.  The CBR’s role in ensuring the quality and efficacy of generic medicines is staggeringly important. The CBR’s PK/PD Unit is the only fully independent academe-based bioequivalence testing laboratory currently operational in the country. It is the first one to have been accredited by the Food and Drugs Administration as a collaborator in bioavailability studies in the Philippines, and it has also garnered the Center of Excellence award given by the United States Pharmacopeia.