The perfect gift for a man of faith.


On the day DLSHSI celebrates the gift of the life of Br. Gus was also the day Br. Gus emphasizes that his life is not mainly about him, but about him following God’s will and doing His work. So true to his character, Br. Gus made the day not about him but about the countless patients that go to DLSUMC to seek for care and healing. On his 72nd birthday celebration on November 13, Br. Gus, along with the entire DLSHSI community, launched the DLSUMC 1 Billion Endowment Fund for charity patients.


“A dream that I wish to pursue with the Hospital is a 100-bed charity wing with an ICU and a dream to raise one billion for the Hospital for the DLSUMC Endowment Fund for Charity Patients,” said Br. Gus.


DLSUMC currently has 50 beds for charity patients and for the past nine years since he became president, Br. Gus has been actively seeking for creative initiatives to further improve and increase the services that the hospital can provide to poor patients.


During his birthday, he encouraged everyone to take an active part in this endeavor. “I hope that you will be a part of the team to assist me to make more dreams come true.” He asked everyone to give him a list of names and contact numbers of people who he can approach to help build this fund. “The endowment fund is a dream that will come true,” he promised.