De La Salle Health Sciences Institute has announced the opening of its Health Sciences Senior High School Program starting school year 2016-2017.


According to Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Juanito Cabanias, the program offers young students who want to become a doctor or other health science professionals, to get on the track of their dreams as early as their high school years.


DLSHSI’s unique Senior High School program features a curriculum designed to prepare students to pursue college education in health science fields such as nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory science, radiologic technology, rehabilitation therapy (PT, OT, and Speech), and biochemistry; all of which are preparatory for a Doctor of Medicine degree.


“For De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, this special health sciences high school is envisioned to prepare and form students as future medical and health allied professionals who value the Lasallian healing ministry the most; thus, making sure the curriculum features PUSH (Public Understanding of Science in Health) as an integral component.PUSH highlights the theoretical foundations and fundamentals of science in relation to the health programs of the Institute. These subjects show how sciences are important, related and useful in the field of health care. This also focuses on the laboratory and field exposures of the students after finishing the basic PUSH courses and finally this also requires the students to finish an Investigatory Project which is the culmination of all their theoretical knowledge and exposure from the basic PUSH courses. The remaining senior years shall be devoted primarily for the Internship Program where students shall be exposed to the actual health sciences profession. The said unique curriculum shall be able to assist students also in determining their career paths without being forced to take a degree that they do not want to take,” explains Cabanias.


Meanwhile, students who will opt not to pursue a college degree can enroll in certificate courses where they will develop skills for a particular health-related job. “At the age of 18, the age when they graduate from Senior High School, they shall be employable, productive and competitive,” said Cabanias.