Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and Linkages Dr. Charles Y. Yu will speak at the Harvard conference of the Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations (HPAIR) on February 13, 2016 at the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA.


Dr. Yu was invited to the Harvard conference after his successful stint as speaker in HPAIR’s Asia conference which was hosted by De La Salle University and held on August 20-24, 2015. According to the invitation he received from the associate of conference programming for the HPAIR, Dr. Yu will speak on the Health and Social Policy Panel entitled : “Strains on Asian Healthcare Systems: Aging Populations, Urbanization, and Rising Costs.”


The HPAIR has hosted prominent speakers such as Philip Murphy, former president of Goldman Sachs Asia; Frank Jürgen Richter, former director of the World Economic Forum; and Ban Ki- Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.


Dr. Yu is a renowned pulmonologist whose work and scientific research on tuberculosis has been recognized by various institutions as critical to the Philippines and the WHO’s continuing fight against tuberculosis.