A simple man with a big heart.


At a special celebration of his 70th birthday, Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego was once again presented to the DLSHSI community as a “total package man” with his integrity, excellence, dedication to philanthropy, and passion for medicine. A doctor, mentor, co- employee, friend, and professor, he has chosen to dedicate his life to the service of the poor – both the material poor and those suffering from poor health and well-being. He remains one of the most generous supporters of DLSHSI scholars through his Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego Scholarship Endowment Fund, and the One La Salle Scholarship Fund.

Thus, on February 26 this year, the community praised and thanked the Lord for giving this man to the institution and to everyone. On his special day, the Institutional Planning and Development Office organized an exhibit with the Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library. Entitled Siyete Kara: 7 faces of Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego, a commemoration of his 70 years of passion and excellence, the exhibit featured his journey as a generous philanthropist, devoted educator, loving father to scholars, competent administrator, passionate art collector, and an outstanding Lasallian.


An auction of pre-loved items for One La Salle Scholarship Fund was also held at the Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego MD library. DLSHSI Vice Chancellor for Academics, Dr. Juanito O. Cabanias expressed his belief that Dr. Ariniego’s legacy “inspires everyone to continue serving the institution with their best abilities” and he said he hopes that “through this simple celebration, Dr. Ariniego felt that DLSHSI loves him very much.”


Br. Gus Boquer FSC reminded future doctors that Dr. Ariniego is an example of what they should become as he is an inspiration to everyone. He asked the students to remember Dr. Ariniego’s bed side manners because when they become doctors themselves, this is the very character that will endear them to patients.


Dr. Ariniego is known to be a very strict teacher who pushes students to their extremes, and yet, when former students come back to DLSHSI, he is the first that they seek out to express their gratitude for the significant lessons that Dr. Ariniego has imparted to them. Dr. Madeleine Grace M. Sosa, current dean of the College of Medicine and a former student of Dr. Ariniego, said that Dr. RA is one of those who has inspired their batch. “Please continue to teach us and inspire us. As a mentor, he pushed us to do everything so we do not fail, and yet at the same time, he supported us at all times,” she said.


In an emotional message, Dr. Ariniego thanked everyone for showing him how important he is in their lives and how he makes a difference in the lives of many. One of his wishes is for the students: “When they become successful, I am happy. Hopefully they are better than I am. Mas mahusay sila mas masaya ako.”