Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine of DLSUMC is a professional unit manned 24/7 by Board certified emergency physicians with the intent of delivering acute and critical care that befits a tertiary medical center.  Patients are attended to according to the internationally-accepted triage classification without regard for economic status, color or creed.

The vast array of ailments seen at the ER in varying stages, complemented by comprehensive modern diagnostic services, serves as a fertile ground for clinical exposure, academic learning and skills development.  The advent of evidence-based medicine together with coordination and cooperation with other clinical departments and the ancillary services enhances further the delivery of unparalleled emergency care.

The residency training program’s primary objective is to deliver the highest standard of care. It seeks to develop the knowledge, attitude and skills expected of a complete physician bestowing holistic care to each individual.  At present, the number of active consultants of the Department of Emergency Medicine is seven (7) and eleven (11) residents.