Accidents and diseases know no bounds. Everyone and anyone can get sick or be a victim of injury. But sadly, not everyone can avail of therapy, medicines or hospitalization.

At De La Salle University Medical Center, a division of DLSHSI, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care and medical attention.  Whether you are rich or poor, you have the right to quality life.  It is the Institute’s earnest desire to provide medical care to everyone who walks in our doors.

The Institute aims to increase the number of beds allocated for charity patients from 50 to 100 – a goal that can only be achieved with the necessary financial support.

A gift to the Charity Patients Services will provide the following health services to the less fortunate:

  • Free medical and nursing services
  • 50% discount on room charges for Non-PhilHealth members
  • Discount on radiology, laboratory, operating room services, medicines and supplies

Giving to DLSHSI not only ensures quality healthcare to less fortunate patients but changes lives as well.


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