Nurturing life through giving

There are many people who need help. Some choose to give up.  But there are those who are working hard to keep their hopes alive.   They sincerely believe there is a way out of their poverty if they would only try hard enough. Their trust in God sustains their spirit.

Their positive attitude and tenacity in the face of dire circumstances deserve to be rewarded with the loudest cheers of support that, YES, they can pull through.  YES, there’s a brighter future ahead.  YES, there is hope!

This is the essence of our Help Health Hooray campaign.  We take pride and joy in keeping hope alive for many people who struggle through life.   We cheer on those whose spirit have been weakened or even broken so that they will find the strength to continue dreaming.

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute is able to do its work of transforming lives, teachings minds and touching hearts because of the generosity of those who are blessed.  Our Help Health Hooray gets its voice from the many generous souls who bless us with their resources and time.

Help Health Hooray is a celebration of love, life and hope.