On November 27, DLSHSI administrators gathered at the De La Salle Villarosa Convention Hall for its quarterly DLSHSI Administrators´ General Assembly with the President (AGAP) which also serves as a venue for the DLSHSI Lasallian Leadership Formation Program.


For this gathering, the focus was on the Lasallian value Spirit of Faith, as Lasallian administrators are expected to evaluate realities of their day to day jobs and make decisions through the lens of the gospel.


Newly appointed Director for Lasallian Formation and Social Action, Dr. Lorenzo Alvin Capio, and Br. Mawel Pajarillo FSC, former president and chancellor of the University of St. La Salle and DLSHSI were the resource speakers.


Dr. Capio focused on the importance of our recognition that indeed, God is with us, that we are one with God. Through this view, he said, we realize how important each one of the people we encounter is, that if we recognize that God is one with us, we will serve people regardless of their position, knowledge, or social status. He cited the example of  Saint John Baptist de La Salle himself, who did not want to be called a master, or even a priest, superior in status to the teachers at his school. Instead, He wanted to be a “Brother” to them, one with peers, as brothers.


Br. Mawel Pajarillo FSC, in his very enlightening sharing, invited the participants to reflect on the various stories from the gospel that show how encounters with Christ always begin with a curiosity on the part of the seeker. He shared how it is this curiosity that leads us to a meaningful encounter with Christ, giving us an opportunity to understand what He wants for us, leading us to our mission.


AGAP and the Lasallian Leadership Formation Program is held quarterly for the administrators of DLSHSI aimed at enabling current and future administrators in their roles as animators and leaders of the Lasallian community here at DLSHSI in pursuing the Lasallian mission of nurturing life.