Anhui Yibu Education and Technology Co. Ltd., (China) and De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (Philippines) Ink MOA 

DLSHSI signed a memorandum of agreement with the Anhui Yibu Education and Technology Co. Ltd., in China on December 4, 2015 with the two delegates from Anhui Yubi Education and Technology Co. Ltd and with DLSHSI vice chancellor for Academics,  Juanito Cabanias, PhD, Dean of CHS, Margel Bonifacio, PhD and  Dean of CN, Ederlyn Lumabi, MAN.


The partnership covers recruiting potential students from China who are interested to enroll in the MA Nursing program, undergraduate programs, and future post-graduate courses in the College of Medicine.

It is also aimed to assist DLSHSI in entering into a bilateral agreement with Chinese Universities and colleges for academic cooperation, which includes, but are not limited to the following: Joint research, lecture, seminars, trainings, workshops, symposia, and the like, in fields of mutual interest, Faculty- exchange for short-term classroom teaching or team-teaching, classroom or hospital observation, benchmarking, and sharing of best practices in teaching methodologies, Student-exchange or internship, in accordance to academic policies of both institution.


The MOA also aimed to assist the Chinese students who are eligible for admission to DLSHSI by preparing the documents required for studying abroad, training the students in English at least a year before they enroll in the academic program, helping qualified students secure Philippine visa, looking for suitable dormitories and helping the Chinese students to adjust and settle down, coordinating with Chinese Universities, parents and employers regarding the academic status of the students.