For the undergraduate students, the most awaited day came on April 23 when they were conferred the degrees they have all been working for in the past years.


From the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, two finished Master of Arts in Nursing, 172 from Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and three received a diploma in Midwifery. From the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, 94 were conferred with the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree while 83 from the College of Medical Radiation Technology are now proud Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology degree holders.


DLSHSI’s Class 2014 of the undergraduate colleges were reminded by commencement speaker Paul Zaldarriaga, consultant to the DLSP President and DLSHSI trustee, of the importance of common good.


“Let me cite a quote that Br. J.J., leader of DLSP once shared with us, ‘what is important is not who comes first but that we finished the journey together.’ Finishing the journey together is a thing to remember at a most joyful occasion. As Lasallians, your journey is to make a difference. We have the power to do what you want to do. You may not be the light but you can be the spark.” With these words, the new graduates were sent off into the challenging world of professionals ready to take on great responsibilities for their communities.


Academic Honors

Bachelor Science in Nursing

Cum Laude: Therese Kaye Sto. Domingo Agno


Master of Arts in Nursing

With Distinction: Bryant Valencia Sanchez


Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

Magna Cum Laude: Ana Kimberly Magquilat Cripa

Magna Cum Laude: Adrian Luigi Jarin Morte

Cum Laude: Desiree Bassig Atas

Cum Laude: Ferdie Nadora Valeriano


Special Awards

Loyalty Awardees

College of Nursing and School of Midwifery

Roann Marie Jose Buclatin

Kristina Rae Dungca Campos


College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Athletics Award

John Kenneth Catindig Arciaga


St. Br. Mutien – Marie Awardee

Mary Grace Lape Gonzales