DLSHSI’s College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) is taking a leap in their efforts to serve People with Disabilities.


CRS’s certified wheelchair service professionals have long been partnering with WHO and LDS Charities to fit appropriate wheelchairs to indigent patients. In their desire to help more PWDs, CRS’s certified wheelchair service professionals are duplicating themselves through training programs.


The first of such training was conducted recently at DLSHSI. Led by former CRS Dean Dr. Ma. Cecilia Licuan, the College organized the first ever national level basic and intermediate wheelchair service training. Participants were oriented and trained on the World Health Organization (WHO) standards on basic and intermediate wheelchair service.


CRS professors Billy Pedron, Maria Louisa Valenzuela together with the CWAT (Certified Wheelchair and Assistive Device Technician) faculty clinical preceptors Kathrina Angelica Servida, Maria Carla Datu-Lazaro, Floyd Puno and Batch 2016 interns helped and supported the activity. Pedron, Valenzuela, and Dr. Licuan are among four of WHO-certified advanced wheelchair service professionals in the Philippines.


A total of 34 health professionals from DLSHSI and different NGO’s attended the intermediate and basic wheelchair service training program.


The program was made possible through the support of World Health Organization (WHO), United Cerebral Palsy Inc. and LDS Charity with the support of the City of Dasmarinas Cavite through the Office of the Mayor and Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO).


LDS Charity sponsored the wheelchairs that were given to the PWDs present during the training sessions. 70 indigent PWDs from Manila and Cavite were assessed and provided with customized wheelchairs. At the same time, LDS also released 40 Basic wheelchairs, 27 intermediate wheelchairs and 3 advance wheelchairs for future missions