The Otsuka (Philippines) Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leading private funder of global TB research today is partnering with De La Salle Health Sciences Institute to establish a Tuberculosis research and diagnostics laboratory at DLSHSI’s Angelo King Medical Research Center.


The partnership will pave the way for the establishment of a world class research laboratory focused on the development of innovative TB diagnostics. According to Otsuka, “the lab will have the capacity to perform state-of-the-art molecular and genetic analysis, and conduct solid and liquid cultures of mycobacteria.” The lab will also establish “banking capacities” that will make it a research hub of TB studies in the Philippines and world-wide. The establishment of the lab is also expected to provide training opportunities that will improve the capacity of researchers and technicians to conduct high quality TB laboratory work and perform GCLP-level clinical studies.


The planned Otsuka Manila TB Laboratory will consist of three laboratories and an office to be housed at DLSHI Angelo King Medical Research Center. Groundbreaking is expected to happen in January 2013 and the laboratory will be operational by January 2014. This agreement will further cement DLSHI’s reputation as a leading center of excellence for TB coming close to our Philheath and DOH MLQ excellence awards.