General Councilors of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools (De La
Salle Brothers) Br. Rafa Matas FSC (General Councilor for Vocations and Lasallian
Family) and Br. Gustavo Ramirez FSC (General Councilor for Association and
Mission) visited DLSHSI on July 26 to engage the Lasallian family and discuss how
we pursue our Lasallian Mission in association and in communion as part of their
Pastoral Visit of the General Councilor to the Lasallian East Asia District which
includes the Philippines.


After listening to the sharing of representatives of the different sectors at DLSHSI,
Br. Rafa Matas FSC expressed how St. John Baptist de La Salle would be very happy
that the Lasallian mission has extended to health care at such an institution as
DLSHSI. Br. Rafa also expressed his wish for more nurses, doctors, and other health
professionals to join the Brothers.

Br. Gustavo Ramirez FSC, meanwhile, left a written message for the DLSHSI
community which says, “You have succeeded at creating a unique and vibrant
Lasallian community. You bear witness to living faithfully the core Lasallian values
of faith, communion, and service. But most importantly you are committed to serve
the lost, the less, and the least. May the intercession of our Founder sustain your
commitment to bringing about a change in our society.”