De La Salle Health Sciences Institute is in solidarity with the whole Lasallian community in the Philippines in observing a Lasallian Earth Day every first Friday of the month starting this July 2013.


The De La Salle Philippines-wide campaign aims to provide “formal and experiential education activities and raise awareness about the environment and the ways each member of the Lasallian community can contribute towards having a society of good stewards of God’s creation.”


The campaign encourages everyone to commit to do a “Green Act” everyday, such as:

  • Exercise and control your weight
  • Bring your own bag when shopping
  • Eat chicken in lieu of beef (chicken’s carbon footprint is only 1/3 of beef’s)
  • Recycle
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Plant, plant, plant greens
  • Use a microwave instead of an electric or gas stove
  • Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer, as a laptop is 80% more effecient
  • Send emails and electronic copies whenever possible
  • Print only the necessary information
  • Car pool
  • Turn off all lights in an unoccupied room


The Lasallian Earth Day campaign is spearheaded by DLSP’s Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE) and is supported by all La Salle schools in the Philippines.

Commit to a green act now!