Two hundred seventy (270) new Lasallian doctors are now ready to go out there and work hard for their dreams and be the kind of doctor that their Alma Mater would be proud of. And they had a good role model to look up to who shared important life lessons to the impressionable new doctors on their graduation day, June 22, 2017 at the De la Salle Animo Center.


Dr. Alfred Allen Buenafe of CM’s Class 1991, urged the new doctors to never lose the hunger that have motivated and propelled them to survive the arduous years in college and medical school. “You must never think that this is it. There is a long road ahead of you. There is so much you can achieve. You graduated from college and now a graduate of medicine and then residency then maybe fellowship. The possibilities are endless. Don’t constrain and confine yourself to what you have attained right now.


Always look for opportunities to grow and always look for change. This is just the beginning of the rest of your life. Stay hungry. Always be hungry. Always push yourself to do better. Be the best version of what you can be. The only person that can make you a great person is yourself. Do what you love because when you love what you do your life is easy.”


Dr. Buenafe challenged the graduates to make their alma mater proud by doing things that will amaze them and make their lives worthwhile. “You do your job for the sake of your patients. You have the chance to create and make a difference. You will be surprised of what the world can give you,” he stressed.


DLSHS’s Class 2017 has produced one (1) Magna Cum Laude, ten (10) Cum Laude, eleven (11) Loyalty Awardees and one (1) St. Mutien-Marie Awardee.


Magna Cum Laude Dr. Kurl Jamora spoke about how being doctors is not about them but the patients that they have vowed to serve and thanked everyone who have been a part of their journey.



Magna Cum Laude
Kurl Jamora

Cum Laude
Romelyn Cabañeros Pasion
Emmanuel Arcusa Gutierrez
Zoe Caitlin Zayco Fernandez
Lloyd Christopher Santos Lim
Janika Adrienne Lanuza Balane
Rth Mattias Sandrino Mendenilla
Ryan Michael Barcelo Villar
Richelle Autor Ugalde
Roxanne Maritana Figueroa
Gerard Jeremy Jalandoni De Ruña

Loyalty Awardees
Maria Katrina Rosales De Jesus
Zoe Caitlin Zayco Fernandez
Oliver Manalo Garing
Gerard John Duran Gaspillo
John Royce De Leon Gnilo
Aaron Mikael Sayas Lalusin
Paula Kristina Roxas Lim
Ponce Xernan Marquez Mondelo
Richard Ben Bediones Ongkingco
Vhernadette Joy Gawaran Saqui
Alexander Veneracion Tongo
DLSHSI St. Mutien Marie Awardee
Lenard Charles Cadiz Monsada