The last time she was here more than a decade ago, she was among the Medical Technologists at the hospital’s Blood Bank section. Today, she is back a standout.


Ms. Fedelyn Patambang Estrella’s name is now etched in the history of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute as the pioneering dean of the College of Medical Laboratory Science which opened the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Med Tech) program this school year 2014- 2015.


When she talks of what’s in store for her students, Dean Estrella readily mentions the efforts they are putting in to set up the most advanced laboratory that a medical laboratory science student will see and handle in a school setting in the Philippines.


It is no surprise therefore, that on its first year, the BS Medical Laboratory Science program had 169 enrollees. And she says they’re just getting started. “I have a lot of dreams for the college. From sun up to sun down I never stop dreaming and I will put them into reality as a true Lasallian educator,” she says. She’s realistic enough to expect challenges in their journey but she believes that with the support and prayers of the whole community, “the institution will soon find our College fulfilling and delivering the vision and mission of De La Salle Health Science Institute.”


At the core of their plans, she emphasizes, are the students. “We are here to guide the students not only in achieving the skills and knowledge for their field of expertise but also in their realization as an instrument of God in showing His love, His words and teachings. Dean Estrella adds that as Lasallian educators, they go beyond teaching as they have the monumental mission of nurturing students so they will become better individuals who would use their knowledge and skills to uphold their values and help others have better and healthier lives.



Welcome to the community Dean Estrella and the faculty, staff, and students of CMLS!