(L-R) CM's Dr Michael Lawenko,chairman of department of Health Informatics; Stephan Abele, director, business development of Karl Storz Asia Marketing Pte.; Dr. Dina Gonzales, former dean of the College of Medicine; Br. Gus Boquer, president of DLSHSI; and Dr. Madeleine Sosa, dean of the College of Medicine

As early as on their second year, Med students can now develop their skills performing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, in preparation for their clinical rotation on their 3rd year.


This was made possible with the gift from the Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG of laparoscopic equipment such as telepacks, telecam one chip camera head, fiberoptic light, Hopkins 30 degrees, dismantling KOH needle holder, clickline Kelly dissecting and grasping forceps, clickline metzenbaum scissors, clickline grasping forceps, and clickline dissecting and grasping forceps.


The deed of donation was signed by representative of Karl Storz Asia Marketing Pte.‘s Stephan Abele, director for business development and DLSHSI President Br. Gus Boquer FSC.


CM Dean Dr. Madeleine Sosa expressed gratitude on behalf of the college as the donated equipment will enhance the CM’s simulation laboratory and will be helpful for the medical students and residents.


Br. Gus Boquer FSC, president of DLSHSI shared that the donation of Karl Storz is a gift that is truly appreciated. “What you are bringing to us is a dream come true. It is a gift of a lifetime. Thank you for the good that you do. We are blessed that you have chosen us,” he said.


Stephan Abele, who was treated to a tour of the DLSHSI campus expressed how impressed he is with the institution and awed by the fact that the college will introduce minimally invasive surgery to medical students early on in their training. “I am glad that in their very young age they will get the idea on what is ahead of them. That will benefit the patient,” he said.


The Karl Storz – Endoskope is a global manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices. It offers an efficient product portfolio of hospital equipment, especially operating room devices and systems required particularly in the area of minimal invasive surgery.