School year 2012-2013 is a jubilee year for DLSHSI. As we mark this milestone of our 25th year as a Lasallian institution, we will also honor the 10 years that this community had as a medical education and health care institution before Dr. Paolo Campos turned over ownership of the school and hospital to the De La Salle Brothers.


Thus, our Jubilee logo shows the numerals 25 and 35 seamlessly unified to look like just one number at first glance to symbolize this history of DLSHSI and how those who have been a part of it from the very beginning and the community that it is today are truly one, all Lasallians, pursuing the same mission.


Beside the numerals are three lines that signify upward movement, heading towards the Lasallian star, which signify our Lasallian mission, our guide post, our hope. At the bottom is the slogan that reads “Creating miracles to nurture life.” This is a statement and a celebration of DLSHSI’s commitment to nurture the lives in their hands, whether through education, health care or research. This also stays true to a declaration once made by our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle who asserted that in our ministry of educating the youth, we are given a wonderful opportunity to create miracles here on earth.