The College of Pharmacy will soon find their dream of a home fulfilled, thanks to the Mercury Drug Corporation.

On September 20, 2016, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC) signed the Deed of Donation for MDC’s gift to DLSHSI that will finance the construction of the 3,000sqm DLSHSI College of Pharmacy Building. The five-storey building will have features that truly reflect the world-class quality of education and formation that DLSHSI offers to its students.

And it is this commitment to provide a world-class and nurturing environment for students as they go along their pursuit of their dreams that has inspired MDC to support DLSHSI. Aside from the building, MDC will also provide for the equipment of the Pharmacy laboratory.

Once completed, the 5- storey building will surely raise the bar of standards in campus facilities. To be located on the ground floor are the reception and lobby area, a chapel and five lecture rooms. Laboratory requirements such as Microbiology Laboratory, two Pharmaceutical Chemical Laboratories, and the Laboratory Technicians’ Room will be on the second floor. The third floor area would be the location of more laboratories such as the Pharmaceutical and Biosciences Laboratory, the Compounding and Manufacturing laboratory, another Laboratory Technicians’ Room, and a Discussion Room. On the fourth floor, the state of the art Pharmacy Learning Resource Center and Pharmacy Health Informatics Center will be set up. On the fifth floor are the High Performance Liquid Chromatography/ Fourier- Transform Infrared (HPLC/FTIR) Room and a Case Room.

The Deed of Donation was signed by Mercury Drug Corporation President Vivian Que-Azcona, Alicia Lumanog, MDC vice president; and Jesus Mangrobang, MDC vice president. For DLSHSI, accepting the deed were DLSHSI President Br. Gus Boquer; Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Dr. Alvin Crudo, and Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Juanito Cabanias.

DLSHSI President Br. Gus Boquer expressed his gratitude MDC President Vivian Que Azcona for “honoring the memory of your parents by continuing their legacy of support to the young people of the country, an investment that money cannot buy.” He added that DLSHSI College of Pharmacy is an offering that will have a totally different approach. “We will take care of our students so that they will take good care of others specially the poor who come to them for help.”

He also encouraged the students to work hard to ensure that the pioneering batch of Pharmacy students will have a 100% passing rate in the licensure examination. “You are in a good school so you should aim to be the best. Good education is a lifetime opportunity so use that education to make a difference.” He cited the example of MDC, who he called a company with a social conscience that continue to make a difference in the nation.

Mercury Drug Corporation President, Mrs. Vivian Que Azcona, shared great pleasure in their partnership with DLSHSI. “We believe in the vision of the institution that the College of Pharmacy student is world class, God-centered, and committed to achieving the highest quality of life in all people. The good that DLSHSI does and what it does for the students, for nurturing, teaching, touching and transforming the youth for a better society for the future made us readily agree to fund the construction of this building and the necessary laboratory equipment,” she relates.

She also appreciates the incorporation of a Mercury Drug Museum in the building, which is not part of the agreement. She said she was initially hesitant about the museum because she didn’t want to highlight MDC. However, she eventually agreed after Br. Gus convinced her that it is also a good way to inspire the pharmacy students through MDC’s strong message of service manifested in everything that it has over the years. “We hope the museum will be a source of strength for the pharmacy students to carry on to the completion of their course and instill in them the same service commitment to make them eager to contribute to the country as well,” she said.

Professor Richard Pineda of the College of Pharmacy expressed his belief that this partnership with MDC will indeed help them in nurturing the students and thus produce globally competitive batches of Pharmacy graduates.

For Darwin Eusebio, 3rd year Pharmacy student, this astounding gift from MDC challenges students like him to do their best. “We just hope that what we do in the future, we always remember to give back and return the favor by helping our country and those in need. What we can do is to be the best pharmacists that we can be and help Mercury and DLSHSI to continue its mission in the Philippines,” he said.