Keep those paper towels handy.


Paper towels are the better option when it comes to keeping your hands clean especially after a bathroom break.


This is the finding of a study discussed by Karen G. Gagnani, marketing manager of Kimberly Clark Professional during the “Proper Handwashing” forum held on October 15 at the Out Patient Department of De La Salle University Medical Center in celebration of the Global Handwashing Day.


Gagnani was citing a University of Westminster study that analyzed the presence of bacteria in hands before and after the use of three types of drying materials: paper towels, jet air blowers, and warm air blowers.


According to the study, those who used paper towels after hand washing have reduced bacteria on the finger pads (76%) and palms (77%).


In contrast, there was increased presence of bacteria on finger pads by 42% and on palms by 15% among those who used warm air driers. Use of jet air drier also showed greater increase in presence of bacteria.


An important observation in the study that was published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2008 is that beyond removing bacteria effectively, the use of paper towels in public toilets may also lessen the spread of bacteria in the “washroom environment.”


The forum was a key public education effort of DLSUMC’s Infection Control Committee to stress on the importance of handwashing in keeping not only ourselves healthy but others too as handwashing is known to be the most effective way of preventing the spread of diseases.


Aside from the forum, ICC’s partners Kimberly Clark Professionals; Khol Industries; Patient Care Corporation; BD Phils.; D&R Micromed Supply Inc.; Asya Medika Inc.; Johnsons and Johnsons; Lifetek Inc.; Prodline Enterprises Co.; and Demver Industrial Sales also set up booths on the hospital grounds providing free products and other services important to hygiene, including demonstrations on proper handwashing procedures.


Hand Hygiene – 3 Parts


  1. Remove All Jewelry


Hand Washing 

Step 1: Wet Hands and Forearms

Step 2: Place Adequate Soap on Palm

Step 3: Scrub Palm to Palm to Lather

Step 4: Scrub Palm Over Dorsal (L & R)

Step 5: Scrub Palm To Palm with Fingers Interlaced

Step 6: Scrub Back of Fingers to Opposing Palm (L & R)

Step 7: Rotational Wrapping of Thumbs Clasped in Palm (L & R)

Step 8:  Clasp Fingers and Rub on Palm of Other Hand (L & R)

Step 9: Rotational Wrapping of Wrist (L & R)

Step 10: Rinse Thoroughly


Post Hand Washing 

  1. Dry With Paper Towel
  2. Use Towel to Close Sink
  3. Use Towel to Open Door On Your Way Out