Physical Therapy alumni of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) spearheaded a unique fund-raising activity with the Filipino community in Texas City, USA in January.


With two percent of the total population of Filipino households comprised of people with disabilities, it is unfortunate that the special needs of such people are not being addressed. Hence, well meaning graduates of DLSHSI are actively seeking for ways to provide much-needed assistance, given that the institute’s mission also involves sharing what they can to the less-fortunate.


To raise funds and attract attention for the ongoing initiatives of DLSHSI for poor children with disabilities, namely, the Children with Disabilities Center Project, former students of the institute recently staged a unique Guinness World Record attempt. On January 18, Team Ross, a non-profit charity organization, which has already successfully set the record for the most number of people making spring rolls, has made another attempt to set a unique world record. DLSHSI’s Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Ramona Luisa Pablo Santos, College of Rehabilitation Sciences (Formerly College of PT) Dr. Ma Cecilia Licuan, and other faculty members travelled to the US to support this activity of the alumni.


Having chosen the popular traditional Filipino dance, “tinikling”, Team Ross encouraged people to come and join the Guinness World Record attempt for the most number of people dancing “tinikling” at the same time for a full five minutes. The attempt was held at the AT&T Dallas Cowboy Stadium from 8:00am to 11:00am. Aside from showcasing the Philippines’ distinct culture through one of its highly recognizable dances, the event, more importantly, raised much-needed funds.


The event was made available to anyone interested in joining the unique, “Tinikling Flash Mob experience.” As an added incentive to those who participated, all performers and spectators of the event were also given special treats like a tour of the Cowboys Stadium while commemorative t-shirts, costumes, group picture and bamboo were given to the performers.


The Tinikling Flash Mob also attracted attention from the local press in Texas, wherein Dr. Ramona Pablo-Santos, Dr. Maria Cecillia Licuan, and Marivic Valerio of DLSHSI were even interviewed by a KETK news show about the event. According to Dr. Santos, they’ve chosen tinikling as the dance originated in the province of Leyte, one of the heavily hit places by Typhoon Haiyan last year. Dr. Santos shared that part of the funds that will be raised will also be allotted for rehabilitation efforts in Tacloban.


Center for Children with Disabilities

DLSHSI believes that children with disabilities have the right to live equally as everyone else. Thus, the Institute envisions a facility that will serve the children with disabilities and their communities, a first of its kind in the Philippines. It will serve as a haven for underprivileged children with disabilities and their families where they can receive assistance and guidance related to health, education, counselling, and vocational training.

The Center will be a special place for children with disabilities where they can grow with confidence, love and security.