VC for Research Dr. Mechor Frias III and College of Humanities and Sciences Dean Dr. Juanito Cabanias are back from the US after attending the 3rd Symposium on Lasallian Research held on September 27-29, at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.


Sponsored by the Institute for Lasallian Studies, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN), the symposium gathered Lasallian researchers to discuss studies on the topics of Food, Nutrition and Health, Sustainability and the Environment, and Education and Learning Innovations. These research topics are included in the research agenda of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU).


Dean Cabanias was among the 26 presentors and discussed his paper “Outcomes-Based Education: A Welcome Development in the College of Humanities and Sciences of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.”


“During my presentation, I shared with them how our College has responded to the call to OBEdize the curriculum and how we did the revisions of the syllabi which include the formulation of learning objectives translated to different activities guided by the rubric and measured through the different forms of assessment. The audiences were very much interested on how we have been doing this paradigm shift in education. As I mentioned to them, this is our response to the ASEAN Integration 2015,” said Dr. Cabanias.


Dr. Cabanias, who is concurrently the chair for Admissions of the Academics Division, also mentioned important takeaways from the symposium that would improve DLSHSI’s academic services. “Through this symposium and meeting with the attendees, I have realized that we can still improve our academic services particularly the admissions and scholarships through the C2C program or Countdown to College program. This program is a college preparation program for our would-be identified students from the public schools [who are deserving] of Lasallian education. We can improve our existing programs in identifying potential scholars by providing academic support to them while they are still in high school. This gives us the opportunity to establish a strong link to all academic administrators of the different public schools to better tap potential and deserving students,” he said