The PK/PD Unit performs Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) studies and Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA/BE) studies for client companies and academic institutions. The PK/PD Unit is FDA-accredited and has performed well over 40 studies in the past for a wide range of drug formulations and clients, ranging from local companies to multinationals.

Studies can range from exploratory BE studies to full multi-formulation trials with or without analytical service as per client needs. Statistical analysis can also be provided through the Statistical Analysis Core of CBBR if so requested.

As part of the CBR/CBBR group of the DLSHSI, the PK/PD unit is in a unique position to continue drug product development coming from preclinical studies at DLSHSI. DLSHSI offers the most complete vertical integration of drug development in the Cavite area. Inquiries for preclinical services should be directed to CBR.

PK/PD staff has well over 16 years of combined experience in performing studies and is fully certified to perform Phase 0 and BA/BE studies in compliance with government regulations.

The PK/PD unit occupies most of the 3rd floor of the Angelo King Medical Research Center, encompassing the screening area, subject rooms, and sample processing lab.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Michael Koch at (02) 988 3100/ (046)481 8000 local 1387 or via email at with your study requirements. We are happy to help your organization to develop product(s) and will strive to adapt our service to your requirements.

The PK/PD unit can also be reached through the CBR staff at (02) 988 3100/ (046)481 8000 local 1386 or via email at .