1. DOT-Free TB medications for Philhealth members and Philhealth beneficiaries and socialized fee for non-Philhealth members.
2. Health Education and provider Initiated Counselling and Testing (PICT) for all enrolled patients.
3. PPD and DSSM as part of TB screening

1. Screening of drug resistant TB cases using the GeneXpert machine
2. Treatment of DRTB cases for free
3. Hospitalization packages for MDRTB patients undergoing treatment
4. PICT for all enrolled patients
5. Contact tracing for all contacts of the MDRTB index patients

1. Use of MTB/Rif GeneXpert machine for screening of presumptive DRTB
2. Drug Susceptibility Test (DST) for first line anti-TB drugs
2. TB DSSM and TB Culture for screening, diagnoses and monitoring purposes
3. HIV testing for enrolled DSTB and DRTB patients