A new chapter was written in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute’s history with the opening of the brand new Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library on January 3, 2010. The new Library replaces the former Medicine Library at the basement of Angelo King Medical Research Center Building and the Satellite Libraries at the sixth floor of Academic Center for the Health Sciences (Wang Building), which had been serving DLSHSI students, faculty members, hospital and academics staff, and other visiting researchers since 1994. In 2008, when Br. Gus Boquer unveiled the construction plans, the news was welcomed by the whole academic community as the previous library was almost bursting at the seams coping with the increasing campus population.


Located conveniently between the Wang Building and the College of Medicine Building, the new library building looks set to become another focal point for the entire DLSHSI population.


Aptly called the Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library, the building sits on one of the high points in the Institute, flanked by greenery on its side and trees both at the front and rear. The building itself brings in natural sunlight and adds a touch of nature and breath of fresh air to the entire surroundings. The library is a modern three-storey building that houses the collection of the seven colleges.