The De La Salle Health Sciences Institute Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library Services (DLSHSI RPAMDLS) strives to be an innovative partner in the achievement of the Institute’s aim to become a world class institution dedicated to the delivery of excellent education, health care, research, and community service for the improvement of life in society. Furthermore, it envisions itself as the foremost resource center in Region IV in terms of collection, services, and facilities in medical and allied health.


The De La Salle Health Science Institute Romeo P. Ariniego M.D Library Services (DLSHSI RPAMDLS) is committed to providing quality library and information services to support and enhance the teaching and academic programs of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in its role as provider of quality and excellent health education.

Specifically, the objectives of the Library are the following:

  • To support the teaching, learning, and research functions of the Institute by acquiring and organizing a relevant and    well-balanced collection of resources in a wide variety of formats;
  • To respond to changes in teaching and research programs, in consultation with the academic staff;
  •  To maintain the physical condition of the collection at an appropriate level;
  •  To participate in resource sharing and networking with other libraries.

Service x Innovation

The logo represents the Romeo P. Ariniego, MD (RPAMD) Library as the information hub for the DLSHSI community. Effective June 2018, it shall also symbolize the 2 units under it, the Information Resource Center (IRC) and the Special Health Sciences Learning Resource Center (SHSLRC).

The snake in the rod, a known symbol for medicine, and the open book represent the medical and allied health information that RPAMD Library provides to its users.

The hand represents service. The gear represents innovation. RPAMD Library is focused in providing quality, user-centered services using innovative strategies. It leverages on technology, space, and people to lead in the delivery of new and creative services suitable to the needs of its users.

The elements are inside the green and white star, symbolizing that RPAMD Library is bound by the Lasallian values of Spirit of Faith, Zeal for Service, Communion in Mission, and Reverence for Life.