Access to online resources has been a perennial concern among library users. While a number of these resources may be accessed remotely using  usernames and  passwords, many found it  cumbersome to keep track  of the different  passcodes. Others  feel frustrated  over online resources that may only be accessed within the institutional network. Half of the queries logged since June 2014 in LibAnswers, the library’s online reference platform, were about access to online resources. This prompted the library to find a solution to address the issue.

Being a firm believer in using technology as leverage, the library sought a technology that expands and simplifies access to online resources but  requires minimal technical  intervention  from  the library staff. This led to choosing OpenAthens, an authentication service that  allows users to  access all online  resources  subscribed by the library  anytime, anywhere  using a single  sign on. It is  convenient and simple to use because users only have to remember one username and password to access all online databases. Set-up and  creation of user accounts is a breeze and  account  management is fairly  easy. Best  of  all, the solution encourages the use of the online  resources and supports research productivity. DLSHSI  is the  first academic  library in the Philippines  to implement  OpenAthens and the experience has been published as a case study by EduServ in

Starting late 2015, the library visited the  different colleges to introduce OpenAthens  to faculty members. User accounts have  been created for full-time faculty  members and  the response was positive. Anecdotal  accounts showed that faculty  members  found  OpenAthens to be useful, easy to use, and had made them more aware of the online resources available through the library. From  November 2015 to October 2016, a total of 173 OpenAthens  accounts for  faculty members have  been created, of which 121  accounts have been activated. During the same period, there were 870 OpenAthens log-ins recorded.

User feedback and usage statistics  were encouraging  as these reflect positive  impact to users. RPAMDLS plans to create more OpenAthens accounts for part-time faculty members and students to bring online resources closer to the academic community.

 For more  information  about OpenAthens or to  request help in logging in and  using online  resources  via OpenAthens, please  get in touch with Multimedia Librarian Anthony J. Bahia at ext. 1274 or at