The library is keen on providing not only quality information resources but also tools to help users discover and access these sources.  After all, the end must by justified by the means.

It recently implemented a solution to streamline how users search information through iSearch, a first among medical libraries in the Philippines. iSearch is an online tool that allows users to find information available through the library, both print and online, using a single platform. As the name suggests, it focuses on the user by letting them take control of how they want to find information and what information to find through easy customizations. It also features a simple and straightforward interface, very similar to a Google search box.

To begin the search, users enter the term in the search box. They can choose to search by keyword, title or author. Or they can limit their search by format by clicking the tabs.

 iSearch search box

The results page displays all the resources that matches the search and much more. The call number and location of the print book is shown and the link to the full text of the e-book or the e-journal article is provided.  Results can be further refined by ticking the options in the left side bar. More options are available on the right side bar: chat with the library, search more online databases, jump to Anatomy resources, and browse the matching Research Guides. All in one interface.

 Search results page

iSearch is prominently displayed in the library’s website. It has also been introduced to students and faculty members during library orientations. These strategies aim to encourage users to embark on this new and easy search experience.

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