All scholar-applicants are required to submit their letters of intent addressed to the Vice Chancellor for Academics, fill-out the application/data form and submit the accomplished application form on or before the set deadline with the following documents in a long brown envelope:

  • Letter of scholarship application;
  • Certificate of Moral Character
  • Copy of the Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Non-Filing of Income Tax Return;
  • Most recent billing statement (electric, water, telephone, internet, cable, etc.) and
  • One (1) copy of 2×2 color picture.


Old grantees may only submit additional information for updating purposes. For the Brother President Scholarship Program (BPSP), Enhanced Brother President Scholarship Program (EBPSP), Employees’ Dependents (EDSP) / Grand Father Clause (GFCSP) Scholarship Program, and St. La Salle Medical Education Benefit(SLMEB) applicants, they are required to fill-out the application/data form together with the following additional documents:

  • original copy of the Certificate of Employment issued by Human Resource Management;
  • clear copy of the birth certificate of the dependent; adoption papers if dependent is legally adopted;
  • prospectus of the course enrolled in; and certificate of admission in the school or course enrolled in.


All applications shall be pre-screened by the Scholarship Program and Development Center (SPDC) before forwarding the documents to the colleges concerned through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee chairs and College Deans. The college through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee then evaluates the documents (the Collegiate Scholarship Committee chair may opt to call for an interview with the applicant as the application process continues) and submits prioritized list of candidates for scholarships to the SPDC. The types of scholarships to be awarded depend on what is/are being applied for by the scholar applicants. However, the Scholarship Program and Development Center through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee may award a different type of scholarship if the applicants have been disqualified from their desired type and that available slots from other types of scholarships have been identified and the applicants themselves have satisfied all of the requirements. The Center may also recommend to the President’s Scholarship Fund if slots are still available and the applicants satisfy same requirements.


All prospective scholars under the fund assistantship of the Brother President through individual sponsorships shall also be pre-screened by the SPDC. Upon recommendation of the SPDC (submission of the list of qualified applicants), the Brother President shall now choose the applicants who shall be granted scholarships.


The SPDC prepares the consolidated list of scholar-applicants to be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance for final approval.


All scholar-applicants must wait for the release of the final evaluation report by the Lasallian Access and Success Office and the Vice Chancellor for Academics, the Brother President in the case of the BPSG scholar-applicants and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance in the case of the BPSP, EBPSP, EDSP / GFCSP, and SLMEB scholar-applicants. Likewise, they are advised to wait for further announcements (through the Office of the Lasallian Access and Success Office Bulletin of Information, DLSHSI website, and other correspondences). The final list of scholars shall be posted in the DLSHSI Office of the Lasallian Access and Success Office website. The scholars are enjoined to visit the office for the confirmation of their status.


All undergraduate scholars are enjoined to renew/re-apply for their scholarships every semester including the EBPSP, EDSP / GFCSP and SLMEB while the College of Medicine, Gawad Lasalyanong Edukasyon and the BPSP scholars are expected to renew their scholarships every school year.


All scholars must fill-out and submit the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the beginning of every school year. The MOA contains all the policies and guidelines, conditions of scholarships, the provisions for the mandatory return of service, etc.

Grounds for Denial of Scholarship Application

  • Failure to comply with scholarship policies
  • Any violations against the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Deficiency in requirements
  • Falsification of documents
  • Commision of major offense from the Office of Student Services of DLSHSI, college of origin or community
  • Unavailability of slots and/or budget for the scholarship applied for