a.   The Attitude Opportunity. Attitude problems can become opportunities for positive change and improvement.  This workshop provides an insightful analysis of the many causes of attitude problems and presents strategies for changing them to benefit group performance.

b.   Moving from Criticism to Feedback. This workshop looks at both giving and receiving criticism.  It demonstrates how to receive criticism from others without becoming defensive and how to use criticism as a positive feedback tool to increase job performance and reduce conflict.

c.   How to Receive Work Assignments. A proven productivity enhancer, this module teaches participants how to obtain objectives for new assignments, ask for needed details, determines resources available, analyze constraints, offer suggestions, and establish performance measures for themselves.

d.   Managing Your Time. Priority-setting, daily and long-range planning and responsibility are emphasized in this module.  Participants are encouraged to become aware of how they manage their time  and to make decisions about where they really need to spend their time.

e.   It’s Your Career.  The goal of this program is to help employees accept responsibility for their own career development.  Participants receive concrete tools such as Job History and Life History forms to be used in career planning.

f.   Team Skills for Meeting Together.  This module provides practice opportunities for team members in communication, resolving differences, and gaining consensus during meetings.

g.   Communicating with Others. Basic communication skills are fundamental to success in the workplace. A variety of approaches for communicating effectively in this module, including listening and non-verbal communication, are examined.

h.  Working Effectively with Others.  Establishing positive working relations among co-workers is an important first step to improving on-the-job effectiveness. Feedback, confrontation, and persuasive communication are emphasized in this workshop.

i.    Solving Problems Together.  Team members who understand the root causes of team problem become much more efficient at solving them.  This module identifies several of these root causes and presents an easy-to-implement approach for team members.

j.   Meeting Change Creatively.  With this module, participants will learn to identify internal and external causes of change, the benefits of change, and how to help their leaders manage change.