Online Application for Doctor of Medicine Applicants

Online Application for Doctor of Medicine Applicants


      1. Fill out the initial Online Application Form. For DLSMHSI students, log-in to your Student’s Portal click “Enrollment” then input the School Year you are applying then choose “Doctor of Medicine” and finally click “Apply for 2nd Course“.

        Please take note the following College of Medicine policy before applying:

         Must have an NMAT score not less than 40% and taken not more than two years from the time of application.
         Applicant should not be more than 40 years of age.
         The College of Medicine will NOT accept 1st year students who had prior medical education from other schools regardless of reason.
         Applicant should be free from and has no pending court case related to major criminal and indictable offense (murder, homicide, rape, aggravated burglary, theft, indecent assault, drug related cases, arson, others).
      2. Pay the Php2,000.00 Admissions Processing fee (for Filipino applicant) / $250.00 (for Foreign applicant) via inter-branch deposit / online bank transfer using any of the following accounts:
      3. Submit the deposit slip / official receipt and information together with the proof of payment
        (validated deposit slip) to the Lasallian Admission and Scholarship Opportunities (LASO) thru email at admissionscm@dlshsi.edu.ph & please cc jplachica@dlshsi.edu.ph specifying the following:

          (for DLSMHSI students, please use your school ID number)


    Deadline for submission of application is on or before June 15, 2022


    1. Proceed on the link below and follow the instructions given:
    2. Wait for the status of application. A Notice of Acceptance and the link for the complete instructions on the next step from the College of Medicine shall be issued to qualified applicants.


  1. Pay the Php 35,000.00 reservation fee via inter-branch deposit / online bank transfer using the following accounts to confirm your slot. The reservation fee is non- refundable and non-transferable but should the applicant enroll in this institution, the aforementioned amount shall be deducted from his / her total tuition fee. Applicants who do not comply with all the requirements regardless of payment shall have their reservation fees forfeited. Failure to comply with the aforementioned policy would mean forfeiture of slot.
  2. Email us the following requirements at admissionscm@dlshsi.edu.ph & please cc jplachica@dlshsi.edu.ph: specifying the following (forms are available at http://www.dlshsi.edu.ph/academics/admission/downloadable-forms/):
    SUBJECT : Reservation of Slot
    1. Proof of payment (validated deposit slip)
    2. Completed & signed Acknowledgement Letter (for Filipino / Foreign Applicants)
    3. Completed Applicant Personal History Statement
    4. Completed & signed Declaration of Agreement
    5. Completed & signed Special Needs Assessment Form
    6. Completed & signed Declaration of Citizenship
  3. Submit the following original requirements thru snail mail/courier with the following information for you to receive your Enrollment Permit from the Lasallian Admission and Scholarship Opportunities, Assessment Form and Enrollment procedures from the Registrar thru email.
    1. Requirements:
    1. 3.1 Transfer Credential / Honorable Dismissal from previous school
    2. 3.2 Original NMAT Results
    3. 3.3 Original PSA Birth Certificate
    4. 3.4 3.4. Certificate of Graduation
    5. 3.5 Original Notarized Sworn Statement
    6. 3.6 Photocopy of Passport (for foreign applicants).
    7. 3.7 Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for permanent residents, native born, children of diplomats, or holder of any valid visa and Certificate of Residence for Temporary Students (CRTS) (for foreign applicants).
    8. 3.8 Special Study Permit (SSP) for foreigners studying in the Philippines for less than a year or less than 18 years old (for foreign applicants).
    9. 3.9 Notarized Affidavit of Support to cover for student’s accommodation and bank certification (for foreign applicants).
    10. 3.10 Certificate of Completion for Improving Tagalog Communication Skills (Special Filipino Class) from Institute’s Center for Internationalization, Academic Affiliations and Engagements (CIAAE) (for foreign applicants).For applicants who cannot submit the said original documents on or before enrollment, you can submit the original Notarized Provisional Enrollment Form together with the Certificate of Graduation/Candidacy for Graduation and other available documents thru snail mail/courier for you to enroll temporarily.

      Once the lacking requirements are available before the specified date on your Notarized Provisional Enrollment Form, you may submit them to the LASO thru snail mail/courier at the given address for us to update your enrollment status.

      Specifying the following:

      PJ F. Campania

      Lasallian Admission and Scholarship Opportunities
      Room 5110, Lourdes E. Campos, MD Building,
      De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
      Gov. D. Mangubat Avenue, City of Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines

      NAME OF APPLICANT: Enter name of applicant
  4. Enroll (All foreign students are required to pay the $7,000.00 foreign fee upon enrollment).