Bridging and Enrichment Program

The De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
Special Health Sciences Senior High School
Bridging and Enrichment Programs


The Bridging and Enrichment of the DLSMHSI – Special Health Sciences Senior High School offers an opportunity for non-STEM track and non-health science oriented students and transferees to align the skills and competencies needed for allied health sciences tertiary courses and for STEM track students to further enhance their scientific background as preparation for their undergraduate degree programs. These Bridging and Enrichment Porgrams shall greatly contribute to the success of our students as they begin their journey of being the future Lasallian health professionals.


  1. Equip incoming students with competencies and skills necessary for the respective tertiary programs they will enter;
  2. Inculcate in the students some important transferrable skills:
  3. Accustom students with policies and culture of DLSMHSI:
  4. Encourage students to build supportive networks among peers, faculty, staff, and administration;