Academics is vacc-ready for the new normal

October 30, 2021 | 7:42 pm

A-Team joins the DLSMHSI community in beating the COVID-19 pandemic and in preparing for the new normal through active and voluntary participation in the Institute’s vaccination program. As of October 18, 2021, a total of 4,101 Academic Teaching and Service Faculty, Academic Non-Teaching personnel and students have been fully vaccinated.

Category Total population 1st dose % Fully vaccinated % Unvaccinated %
Academic Non-Teaching Personnel 107 5 4.67 100 93.46 2 1.87
Academic Teaching and Service Faculty 709 44 6.21 661 93.23 4 0.56
Students 6,477 1,006 15.53 3,340 51.57 1,936 29.89

Thank you to the members of the Academics, healthcare workers and front liners for making the campus and the community safe through vaccination and observance of health and safety measures.
Note:  There were 195 students who did not respond to the survey.

Vaccination program at the DLS Animo Center.

College of Medicine alumna tops Physician Licensure Examination

Congratulations to Dr. Jan Camille Lorenzana Ozaeta for placing 8th in the September 2021 Physician Licensure Examination. Hats off also to all the College of Medicine alumni for passing the examination. DLSMHSI posted 85.71% in the first timers’ performance and overall passing performance. Thank you, new Lasallian doctors and College of Medicine.

DLSMHSI and DepEd Dasmariñas City ink partnership to develop Moodle courses

DLSMHSI and Department of Education City Schools Division of Dasmariñas have partnered to develop the Moodle courses for online learning used by the public school teachers. The Academic Teaching Faculty of DLSMHSI shall serve as experts to review and improve the content of the following learning areas in Moodle: Health 7, Health 8, Health 9, Health 10, General Biology and Filipino 10. The agreement was made official and binding on September 17, 2021.

October 2021 episode of Tea and Substance with the VCA focuses on student wellness

Student development and wellness is one of the key areas of Academics. The OVCA has identified one (1) academic objective that is specifically geared towards the holistic development of students – S5 Student Development and Scholarships. The Colleges and Services work with the students to support student development. The pandemic has brought changes and challenges to the students inside and outside the virtual classroom and the October episode of Tea and Substance with the VCA highlighted the wellness programs and initiatives for students and by students to support their physical, mental and emotional health.

Representatives from The Student Affairs, Institutional Student Council and the student organization College of Medicine Peer Facilitators were invited to share positive news and inspiring stories on how members of the Academics work together to deliver creative programs that promote student wellness.

Tea and Substance with the VCA with the theme Reflections and Inspirations from The Student Affairs and Students “Putting WE in Wellness: Academic Partnerships towards Student Wellness” was held on October 29, 2021, 2:00pm via Zoom Webinar.