CIETI leads the Academics in on-line and remote learning readiness

July 27, 2020 | 10:16 am

CIETI leads the Academics in on-line and remote learning readiness

The Center for Innovative Education and Technology Integration develops and promotes the On-line Campus component of DLSMHSI, particularly innovation and technology integration in the curriculum. It offers various support services and training programs for the Academic Teaching and Service Faculty to facilitate technology-rich teaching and learning styles that address the needs of digital learners.

Here is a round-up of the programs, services and training hosted by CIETI to help the Academics prepare for on-line and remote learning in SY 2020-2021.

Research on on-line classes and enrollment readiness

Research on on-line classes conducted as a creative measure during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This survey was conducted to determine the experiences of students and faculty members concerning the immediate shift to on-line classes as a creative measure during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Students and faculty members have devices to use for on-line classes with at least 88% of them having an internet connection although half of them said that their internet connection is slow. PLDT powers the internet connection of most students and faculty members. Majority of students understand that learning should continue during class suspension and they are willing to participate in an on-line class as a creative measure; however, 65% of students have no experience in participating with on-line classes. Both students and faculty members are not comfortable with participating in the on-line forum and video conferencing. In terms of independent learning, students feel that they cannot manage their learning with only minimal interaction from teachers or professors. They also think that they could not learn from modules on their own. Faculty members on the other hand show that they are confident that they can shift to an on-line environment during a class suspension. Faculty members also think that they can manage their on-line class until the end of the class suspension. Over-all, faculty members are ready to teach on-line; however, the survey result shows that the majority of students are not ready to participate in on-line classes. Faculty members are satisfied with Canvas and Blackboard Open LMS compared to students. Majority of faculty members have enjoyed using Canvas and Blackboard Open LMS and they wish to use it more in the future. The students, on the other hand, have not enjoyed their experience with Canvas and Blackboard Open LMS. Both students and faculty members are satisfied with the support provided by CIETI and Canvas help desk. Majority of students feel that the course works and requirements are too much and they are not doing fine with their on-line class, which is consistent with the observation of faculty members as shown in the survey result. Students feel that on-line class is not effective because they cannot achieve their learning goals through on-line class. On the other hand, the majority of the faculty members think that on-line class is an effective measure during a class suspension and half of them think that their learning goals are achievable through on-line class. Students and faculty members are divided in terms of their sentiments toward the continued implementation of on-line class as a creative measure during the COVID-19 crisis. 20% of students and faculty members wish to continue with on-line classes. 25% choose face-to-face make-up class that continues with on-line class. 35% choose supplemental on-line class only, while 20% choose a partial on-line and partial face-to-face class when possible. Students and faculty members shall be fine with their on-line classes until the end of the COVID-19 crisis or if the crisis goes beyond April 14, 2020. However, other creative measures shall be implemented to complement the on-line class and to address the needs of other students and faculty members who have no adequate access to information technologies and to those who have problems with independent learning. Periodic evaluation of how students are coping up with the on-line class should be implemented at the class level so that faculty members could make the necessary adjustments.

Survey regarding Enrollment in On-line Classes

The survey aimed to know the current students’ perspective regarding enrollment in on-line classes for the mid-year term and first semester/term of SY 2020-2021. It was conducted on April 21-26, 2020. Results shall help in formulating plans and protocols as regards the delivery of on-line classes in the coming terms/semesters. The following recommendations were offered by the study:

  1. Enrollment could go on for the 68% who have shown interest in enrolling in an on-line class this Mid-year term and first semester/term of SY 2020-2021.
  2. Class advisers should reach out to 32% of the students who have said that they shall cancel their enrollment even if they shall not graduate on time. Proper guidance should be given to the students so that they can be guided in their decision making.
  3. Learning outcomes/objectives should be communicated to the students to let them know what they should expect from on-line classes. The colleges should ensure that students are well informed on how on-line classes shall take place in Mid-year term and first semester/term SY 2020-2021 to lessen the worry of the students; that they might not achieve their learning goals.
  4. If possible, topic outline and schedule shall be communicated ahead to the students to let them prepare physically and mentally for the next Mid-year term and first semester/term SY 2020-2021.
  5. All adjustments on the curriculum and lecture delivery should be communicated to the Academic Community to let them know of the changes.
  6. The Institute should assist the 6% of the population who have not adequate access to technology devices.
  7. The Institute should help the 7% of the students who do not have internet access at home so that they shall also be prepared for the coming Mid-year term and first semester/term SY 2020-2021.
  8. The study on the implementation of Mobile Device Management must be expedited to ensure that the Institute is always ready not only for this COVID-19 pandemic but to a similar situation in the future.
  9. Faculty members should take into consideration the available devices and internet connection, as presented in this survey in designing and delivery of online lessons.
  10. An innovative way of developing the skills of the students should be implemented considering that the majority of the students shall not take the risk of going to the campus for laboratory activities.
  11. Faculty members should explore different ways on how to teach skills to students through on-line methodologies. Necessary programs should be acquired if needed.
  12. The Institute should already explore a partnership with courier services since the majority of the students want to receive their print module through courier services.
  13. A learning continuity plan and on-line class protocol should be developed as soon as possible using this data not only from this survey but also from the reports and previous studies conducted.

New guidelines

The following guidelines have been prepared to assist faculty and students on the responsible conduct of on-line classes and use of the Learning Management System.

  1. Policies, Standards and Guidelines on the Borrowing and Use of DLSMHSI iPad
  2. Policies, Standards, and Guidelines on the Use of iLS.Cloud
  3. Additional Guidelines on the Conduct of On-line Classes Through iLS.Cloud for Mid-Year and First Semester/Term of SY 2020-2021

Technology toolbox

CIETI has developed a website to serve as a one-stop-site for all information and educational technology tools for the academic community to utilize in the delivery of on-line classes as a creative measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains documentations, news and updates, videos, tips and other materials to support the conduct of on-line learning. The services and contact details of CIETI are listed in the website for easy reference. A chat service is also available for quick support from CIETI.

Visit https://cieti-ilscloud.wixsite.com/home to explore the toolbox.

Webinars and training

A total of 14 webinars and training sessions have been conducted to the Academic Teaching and Service Faculty from March 23, 2020 to July 9, 2020.

Name of Webinar Date Speakers
Blackboard Webinar – Orientation to Collaborate Mar 23, 2020 Nick Benwell

Samuel Tang

Panopto Webinar – Orientation to Panopto April 2, 2020 Francis Tam
Blackboard Webinar –
Teaching & Learning Hour – Preparing to Scale Online Teaching & Learning in Disruptive Times Session 1
April 7, 2020 Blackboard Speakers
Blackboard Webinar –
Teaching & Learning Hour – Continuity of Learning with Virtual Classrooms Session 2
April 7, 2020 Blackboard Speakers
Blackboard Collaborate Live Demo Session April 13, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
iLS.Cloud Webinar Series: Quiz Management
a. Drag-and-Drop Matching Type Tutorial
b. Managing Quiz Settings and Results
c. Managing User Overrides
May 12, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
iLS.Cloud Webinar Series: Quiz Management
a. Notepad Quiz Format and Templates
b. Steps in uploading the notepad to iLS.Cloud
May 12, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
iLS.Cloud Webinar Series: Course Management
a. Content and Delivery Tools – Managing
May 14, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
Distance Learning and Its Instructional Contents (Asynchronous Mode Through Canvas) June 22, 2020 Rolly J. Capistrano
Innovative ideas for using Google Forms (MAN) June 27, 2020 Rolly J. Capistrano
Jonathan C. Padua
Innovative ideas for using Google Forms (LMLA) July 6, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
Jonathan C. Padua
Blackboard Collaborate Demo July 6, 2020 Joshiko Velasco
DLSMHSI Online Distance Learning Migration Training July 7, 2020  Bon Samuel Atienza
Data Privacy and Its Implication to On-line Learning July 9, 2020  Alexander B. Rodriguez

Faculty and staff completion of CIETI Blended Teaching Readiness Module

This module is designed for faculty members who have little or no background on iLS.Cloud. It provides basic information about the iLS.Cloud Learning Management System, including the functions of its basic tools, and a preview of teaching on-line using iLS.Cloud. Faculty members who have successfully completed the module shall receive a badge.

Below are the Academic Teaching and Service Faculty and Non-Teaching Personnel who have earned the Certified Ready Badge.

Certified OpenLMS Ready (Bronze Badge)

Deane Joy Agoncillo Frederick Llanera
Joseph Ancla Clarence Witty Mendoza
Ma. Gladys Aquino Ma. Lovella Monderin-Aure
Keziah Jeremy Astilla Aljin Nepomuceno
Maria Teresa Basilides Melanie Nolasco
Timothy Jay Bengala Gilbert Oca
Mae Ann Bobadilla Rolly Oraa
Irynne Cabanban Peggy Anne Orbe
Arizaldo Castro Richmond Ordonez
Donnie Correa Joshua Kenneth Pablo
Julieta Damian Jonathan Padua
Rosalyn Dariano Celso Pagatpatan Jr.
Liza Destura Natalizia Pagtakhan
Jion Dimson Myra Patambang
Ma. Jennifer Ellema Kathy Reyes
Karina Roma Feranil Rolando Reyes
Madelyn Gabrielles Mary Rose Salazar
Jenny Gayondato Mary Grace Santiaguel
Vladimher Gorde Kelvin Paul Tan
Arni Hamoy Anali Tangog
Maria Ana Latorre Marlou Del Tarranco
Emelie Legaspi Marivic Valerio
Louie Fernand Legaspi Jomel Vasquez
Ma. Cecilia Licuan Vivian Vizcarra
Arianne Rose Lim

Certified Canvas Ready

Ramgie M. Bartolata Lenard Charles C. Monsada
Jose Isaak M.Calamlam Grace Naval
Jessica A. Candelaria Kathleen T. Nepomuceno
Pauline L. Cueno Irma M. Penalba
Carmelette C. Davila Dennis Y. Perona
Shiela Marie Ferre Abet King T. Pia
Gabriel Ian G. Guiao Fredyrose Ivan L. Pinar
Arjhon Jimenez James Arvin D. Rozul
John Laurence T. Legaspi Froilan A. Santillan
Rowell T. Maglalang Joan Mariz D. Saramines
Myra Michelle M. Mojica Evelyn D. Segovia
Nikka Mae R. Mojica Don Anthony E. Tayco

On-line learning tools monitoring report

Below is the summary of on-line learning tools utilized by the faculty members to deliver student activities.

Online learning tool Number
Syllabi uploaded 154
Document uploaded 1,002
Module created 163
Course guide created 80
Announcement 894
Assignment 903
Discussion forum 480
Communication/Chat 492
Speed Grader 127
Quiz 537
Module 212
Web conferencing 267
Calendar 49
Attendance 190
Badge 0
Group 71
Page 41
Canvass Poll 4
Collaboration 113
Mobile application 77
Content market 17
Lesson 362
Choice 21
Questionnaire 38
Wiki 0
Book 45
Folder 53
Workshop 3
File 503
Label 10
URL 306
Others 154
Total 7,368

Learning objects development and training

This is a service provided by CIETI, which assists the Academic Teaching and Service Faculty in integrating information and communication technology in their instructional materials. These materials include multimedia presentations such as video clips, audio clips and audio-visual slideshows and multimedia navigation. Members of the Audio Visual Technology work with CIETI in developing and editing the content of the learning objects.

Below are some of the objects developed by the Team