DLSMHSI appoints new institutional administrators

June 26, 2020 | 3:46 pm

New institutional administrators. Academics welcomes Prof. Gabrieles (left) and Prof. Sumulong (right) among the roster of institutional administrators in SY 2020-2021.

Two (2) new administrators were appointed in newly created DLSMHSI Centers in SY 2020-2021.

Prof. Reeva Ann L. Sumulong, RPh, LPT, MS is the Director for the Center for Inter-Professional Education and Practice. She shall lead in developing and maintaining an effective collaborative relationship with all relevant faculty, University groups, and local, national and international IPE- related organizations and partners. She shall be responsible for the development and implementation of an IPE framework, which ensures academic excellence in IPE and compliance with accreditation standards. She is an Associate Professor 2 and Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice (Professional Level) of College of Pharmacy.

Prof. Madelyn A. Gabrieles, MSPT, PTRP, CNMT is the Director for the Center for Intellectual Property. She shall be responsible for the implementation of the Institute’s goals, including the intellectual property plan and operational frameworks, achievement of objectives and deliverables in line with the broader Institute’s Strategic Plans, examination of existing patents and protections, expansion and updating policies, investigation of infringements on patents and ensuring the protection of DLSMHSI’s intellectual property especially during technology transfers in compliance with accreditation and statutory standards. Ms. Gabrieles is a Professor of College of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Academics approves guidelines in using Turnitin in student research

The Academic Operations Committee and Academic Services Operations Committee have approved the guidelines in using Turnitin to check the final student research during the June 2020 Operations Meetings. The guidelines aim to set a uniform and consistent use of Turnitin as a tool to evaluate the quality and scholarship of students’ research and create an opportunity for student feedback and research enhancement.

Turnitin is a text-matching software that matches the text of the manuscript in an array of sources, such as books, articles, websites, student research, and unpublished works. It encourages research ethics and responsible authorship and aids in the improvement of the quality of the manuscript. Starting SY 2020-2021, the final manuscript of theses, dissertations, capstone projects, and final research output (such as in Community Medicine and Pharmacology subjects of Doctor of Medicine students) should be checked in Turnitin based on the following criteria:

  • Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment
  • Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment
  • Include small matches

The full manuscript should have an Overall Similarity Score of 20% or less to reflect the student’s academic scholarship through his/her own or original understanding, synthesis and analysis of the problem. However, the faculty is encouraged to consider not only the Overall Similarity Score but also the Individual Similarity Score in checking the manuscript. A manuscript may have a low Overall Similarity Score but have (1) a high Individual Similarity Score from a single source or (2) a low but considerable match, such as an entire paragraph. This could be an opportunity to enhance the manuscript, such as improve the paraphrasing, use additional references or provide more student analysis. Sound judgment is also important in interpreting the match and in deciding if it is acceptable or if it requires edits and improvements. The faculty is also encouraged to use Turnitin in checking other types of student papers and output, as applicable.

Students shall be provided with Turnitin accounts and the software shall also be integrated in the Learning Management Systems so that Turnitin checking shall be included in the research workflow.

DLSMHSI assists international students during pandemic

The Center for Internationalization, Academic Affiliations and Engagements (CIAAE) provided assistance to the international students, in accordance with CHED’s protocol for ensuring the health and safety of foreign students in the Philippines during COVID-19 pandemic.

The CIAAE was in constant communication with the foreign students to provide clear instructions and emergency response procedures to ensure their safety and protection, news and situation updates to be observed while in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic and DLSMHSI’s important announcements and arrangements in relation to the pandemic.

A repatriation program is also available for students who wish to return to their home country. The CIAAE, in partnership with The Registrar and The Student Affairs, coordinated the immigration requirements, documents and other travel arrangements of the students who wished to go back home. There have been 11 students who were repatriated from March to May 2020.

Protocols are in place for those who wish to return to the Philippines to continue their study, such as mandatory 14-day self-quarantine, regular monitoring of the status of the students in their respective dormitories and implementation of provisions related to disruptions or cancellations of class activities.

TSA opens online consultation and counseling to DLSMHSI students

The Student Wellness and Guidance and Counseling Department (SWGCD) of The Student Affairs has launched e-Connect with your Counselor, an online consultation and counseling service provided to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guidance counselors assigned to Colleges and Special Health Sciences Senior High School are available for consultation and counseling through Facebook and email. The SWGCD mobile number and Hopeline could also be contacted for urgent concerns.

Images from TSA.

Academics hosts webinars for faculty and staff

Learning, professional development and staff support continue in Academics amidst the pandemic through webinars held for Academic Teaching and Service Faculty and Non-Teaching Personnel.


Academics NTP Webinar
Life After ECQ: “New Normal”
Resource Speaker: Dr. Maria Patricia Austria-Cantimbuhan

May 20, 2020, 1:00pm
Microsoft Teams

Tea and Substance with the VCA
“Creative and innovative programs of the Academics in the face of COVID-19 pandemic”
June 17, 2020, 2:00pm
Microsoft Teams