DLSMHSI conducts 3rd International Conference on Health Sciences Pedagogy

May 13, 2019 | 2:14 pm

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics in partnership with Blackboard and Canvas hosted the 3rd International Conference on Health Sciences Pedagogy themed Quality Assurance in the Health Sciences Digital Teaching-Learning Environment on May 16, 2019 at DLS Villarosa Convention Hall. The conference brought together the following experts to share perspectives in maintaining quality of teaching and learning in an online environment:

Dr. Susan D’aloia
Client Success Advocate, Blackboard Singapore

Dr. Rosalinda Ellen B. Milla
Former Dean and Professor, College of Health Sciences, United States University, San Diego, California

Julian L. Yballe
Instructure’s Senior Regional Director for Asia Hongkong

DLSMHSI launches Information Literacy and Training Programs in Sagada

The Romeo P. Ariniego, MD, AFSC (RPAMDAFSC) Library and the Center for Innovative Education and Technology Integration (CIETI) collaborated to bring a sustainable partnership program to Sagada National High School (SNHS) through the Information Literacy and Training Outreach. The said program shall run for five (5) years.

The program involved two (2) parts. The Information Literacy part involved a commitment from the RPAMDAFSC Library to help enrich the SNHS Library by donating library materials and equipment and organizing its library collections using an integrated library system. The first team of RPAMDAFSC Library staff went to SNHS on May 21, 2019 and spent almost two (2) weeks to set-up the system and start organizing the collections using the system. The second team of RPAMDAFSC Library followed on May 28, 2019 to bring books and magazines to be added to SNHS Library collections.

The Training part entails CIETI to conduct teacher trainings to SNHS for capacity building. The CIETI team conducted its first training Webify 2019: Stimulating Innovative Teaching in Basic Education on May 31, 2019, which focused on the use of technology to optimize learning.

LASO brings International Marketing Program to Bicol

The Lasallian Admission and Scholarship Opportunities participated during the 1st Association of Philippine Schools Overseas Conference held on May 24-28, 2019 at La Piazza Hotel and Convention Center, Legaspi City, Albay as a sponsor and exhibitor. Manager for Admission and Scholarships Emanuel Mat Cholo M. Ilagan and Marketing and Enlistment Staff Jane Saballegue introduced the medicine and allied health programs offered by DLSMHSI and established good relations with Filipino schools abroad during the said conference.

DLSMHSI formalizes its partnership with FamilyDOC

DLSMHSI recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with FamilyDOC to become partners in providing opportunities for linkages, professional growth, career advancement, and personal fulfillment for DLSMHSI students, residents and alumni. This involves priority in recruitment and hiring, internship and immersion and residency training, incentives for board top-notchers and licensure passers, scholarships, and learning opportunities.

FamilyDOC is a community-based provider of clinic, diagnostic and pharmacy services.

Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences created 

The Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences has been created in response to the thrust of DLSMHSI to achieve University status, which shall offer graduate degrees in medicine and allied health.

The operations and management of the graduate studies of the Institute shall be centralized under the GSMHS. Innovative Post-Graduate Studies/Programs are planned to be offered, which are, but not limited to the following: Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences, MS Clinical Research, Masters in Hospital Administration, MA Radiologic Technology, PhD in Nursing, and the like. A Dean shall be assigned to handle this and shall report directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academics.

Faculty Members receive new development programs  

Professional development programs have been created and approved for Academic Teaching and Service Faculty to support their professional and personal growth.

The Research Productivity Series (RPS) is a four-module learning experience provided by the RPAMDAFSC Library and is designed to support Faculty Members during every step of the research process, from discovering content, managing references, maintaining research ethics, to publishing. Schedules for each module shall be provided every school year.

The Lasallian Formation Modules focus on the teachings of St. John Baptist de La Salle, which promote Lasallian spirituality. This program aims to help Faculty Members appreciate and animate the Lasallian values in their personal and professional lives. The Lasallian Formation and Social Action shall conduct these modules.

Starting AY 2019-2020, all new probationary Academic Teaching and Service Faculty are required to complete the four (4) modules of  RPS and six (6) of the Lasallian Formation Modules within their three-year probationary period as part of the requirements for permanency.