DLSMHSI posts highest enrollment in SY 2020-2021

September 23, 2020 | 9:09 am

DLSMHSI posts highest enrollment in SY 2020-2021

A record high of 5,739 students enrolled was recorded in SY 2020-201, with 2,185 freshman students. It has exceeded the target enrollment projections by 402 enrollees as of September 15, 2020. The number of enrollees has been increasing steadily starting in SY 2015-2016 and has reached its peak this year, despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in education and learning.

Enrollment statistics, SY 2015-2016 to SY 2020-2021
(as of September 15, 2020)

School Year Enrolled (Freshmen) Total Students Enrolled
2020-2021 2,185 5,739
2019-2020 2,148 5,100
2018-2019 2,068 4,433
2017-2018 1,034 4,089
2016-2017 1,012 3,991
2015-2016 1,408 3,936

The Academics has initiated the Home-Based Alternative Learning Modalities (HBALMs) in early 2020 to support online and remote learning through a combination of electronic and non-electronic teaching and learning strategies. It has also developed creative programs in senior high school, undergraduate and graduate levels that resulted in the offering of new courses. Admission and scholarship programs have been enhanced to bring Lasallian education closer to Filipino and international students. Linkages and partnerships here and abroad are also strengthened. Technology, spaces, services, and student support have also been developed to match the needs of the new normal in education.

BOT approves New Graduate Studies programs

The DLSMHSI Board of Trustees has approved the offering of the Graduate Studies programs during its Zoom meeting on September 17, 2020.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences by Research aims to develop advanced research skills among health professionals to contribute effectively to the knowledge base in the health sciences. This program also highlights inter-professional education and research synthesis as essential elements for the advancement of health care practice and education.

The Master of Science in Nursing (Thesis and Non-thesis tracks) aims to train professional nurses as nurse specialists, leaders and researchers who will take care of the health of different levels of clientele – individual, family and community locally, regionally or globally. The program enables acquiring advanced knowledge and skills that are essential in providing safe, quality and affordable health care and in coordinating this care through a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary approach.

The Master of Science in Physical Therapy by Research is designed to enable physical therapists to be innovators and researchers in the field, which not only will facilitate professional advancement at scale, but also improve their professional competitive advantage on an individual level.

The Masters in Health Care Administration and Management  is a professional track master’s program that intends to apply health care administration and management knowledge in professional practice. It has an intensive evidence-based approach in teaching leadership and management in health care.

Documents shall be submitted to the Commission on Higher Education for the application of the new Graduate Studies programs.

The Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences welcomes its First batch of Master in Public Health students 

The Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences reported that 22 students have enrolled in the Master in Public Health program of the Institute in SY 2020-2021, the first batch of the program. The Master in Public Health program aims to develop advanced professional competencies among students who intend to pursue careers in public health practice, management and/or research.

Learning Commons to expand for more learning spaces

Plans are underway to expand the Learning Commons of the Romeo P. Ariniego, MD, AFSC Library. This shall create more learning spaces and experiences through flexible, fresh and open environments. The annex building is set to be constructed on the left side of the Library building, near the Academic Center for the Health Sciences (Wang Building).

DLSMHSI welcomes 106 international students

Lasallian education is inclusive and borderless. In SY 2020-2021, DLSMHSI is home to 106 international students. The Center of Internationalization, Academic Affiliations and Engagements works collaboratively with the Academic Colleges and Services to bring services, programs and support to international students.

Program Number of international students
MA Nursing 40
Doctor of Medicine 34
BS Biochemistry 11
BS Nursing 8
BS Radiologic Technology 4
BS Nuclear Medical Technology 3
BS Physical Therapy 3
BS Biotechnology 1
BS Pharmacy 1
Special Health Sciences Senior High School 1
Total 106

DLSMHSI scholars receive laptops from ACER-Intel Scholar Program

Second year students Maila D. Quiminales (BSRT) and Karylle P. Banzon (BSMLS) received an Acer Core i3 laptop from the ACER-Intel Scholar Program, which recognizes and donates Acer laptops to deserving scholars of active Acer Academy members.
Congratulations to the students and thank you to Acer!

Photos from CIETI.

Maila D. Quiminales, 2nd Year BSRT student

Karylle P. Banzon, 2nd Year BSMLS student